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Easy Ways To Live A Sustainable Lifestyle

What is Sustainability?

“Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

How To Get Started?

There are easy ways to change your current way of living to a much more enduring choice. Living a sustainable life begins at home.

1. Fashion Apparel – We have passed that phase where repeating clothes was a taboo. Dutchess of Cambridge aka Kate Middleton has understood the scare and does repeat her outfits at the large events to promote sustainability. Stop running behind trends and start creating your own styles with the clothes that you already own. It’s time to restyle and recreate. Resell and Donate apparels instead of throwing it away and adding another pile to the disposal cart. Reducing waste is the motto here.

2. Water – Start carrying your own water bottle even if it feels like a burden to walk around with it. The less plastic bottle you buy in the name of water, the better it is for the surroundings around you. Also, SAVE WATER.

3. Disposable Items – Disposable products only help you part-time but the amount of waste that it brings in the world is HUGE. Carry your own cutlery and bags. They are so many portable options online for your convenience. Reduce Waste!

4. Transport – If you can walk to your destination, why book/hire a taxi/auto. Until and unless it’s an emergency. The major cities also have bicycle stands that allow you to use it to reach your destination. Cycling is fun.

5. Eat Locally – Stop shopping at fancy supermarkets for vegetables, grains, and fruits. It’s time to go local. Head to the farmer’s market and purchase your monthly essentials directly from the locals. A powerful way to live more sustainably is to eat locally. Sadly, the convenience of supermarkets has changed how people think about food.

You may have already been doing a few of these things, or perhaps all of it, which is fantastic! But hopefully, you’ll pick up some more opportunities to do your part to help mother nature.

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