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Pure and Organic Beauty Product Review: Feat. Deyga

Right now we are all in the run to eat clean and live clean. Keeping that in mind, organic and handcrafted beauty products are in high demand. Consumers are more concerned about applying chemicals on their skin now than before and have started researching on natural and organic products.

Deyga strongly believes in natural and organic living. All their products are handmade to keep the skin healthy and hydrated. Their ingredients are 100% Natural. All the products undergo a natural process that’s part of its biological life cycle. Undoubtedly, the products that Deyga makes are fresh and full of natural fragrance. Their cosmetics are formulated with high-performing antioxidants, naturally occurring vitamins and essential oils to give your skin maximum benefits. Pricing wise they are incredibly reasonable compared to other organic brands in India.

Remember those times when our mothers and grandmothers always had multiple home-made remedies for every skin care, hair care and health issues – Well, we are going back to that golden period. It’s high time we take a look at all the issues in the world and take easy steps for the journey towards sustainable and conscious living.

Alright! Coming to hand-made products – I decided to give these natural and organic products a try and asked them to ship me two face packs and face toners. I have been using it for few weeks and I thought a little review would help you guys to understand the goodness of these organic products.

Rose and Mulethi Face Mask Powder

  • I love me some face mask and rose and mulethi was something that I have never used before. The Deyga Rose & Mulethi Face Powder rejuvenates your skin and gives you a glow after a dull day and can also be used for all skin types. The ingredients include roses, mulethi, oat meal, and essential oil. You can either add few drops of milk or toner to make a thick paste for your face.

Orange and Almond Face Mask Powder

  • Professionally, I am always under the sun and I get tanned very easily even after a filter of sunscreen on my face. Nothing seems to work on me. Deyga’s Orange and Almond Face Powder exfoliates the dead skin and removes tan easily. This face powder consists of sun dried orange pulps, almonds, essential oil and turmeric. Directions to use is similar to that of the Rose & Mulethi Face Powder.

Basil Face Toner

  • Basil is filled with anti-oxidants that are good for the skin and keep the skin free from acne and nourished. They Deyga Basil Toner has detoxification properties, usually used for acne prone skin. This toner is made of only steamed basil leaves filled with goodness. I use toners post in my night time beauty regime for softer skin.

Tea Tree Facial Toner

  • Deyga’s Tea Tree Toner acts best as a makeup removal solution and additionally removes impurities from the pores leaving the skin healthy and fresh. Unlike the Basil Toner, Tea Tree Toner can be used by all skin types. You can also use their toners to dilute the face mask powder to paste.

We have unconsciously used chemical based products for so many years only to go back to naturally made beauty products made out of plants for good. Now with the boom of technology, people do their research before buying anything and make sure it’s safe. Eventually, the clean beauty industry is going to become The Beauty Industry.

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