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Indo Western Ways of Styling a Cotton Sarees

It took me a long time to fall in love with six yards of beauty, i.e. cotton sarees in general. And the moment I got comfortable wearing and restyling them, I kept trying new ways to style them according to the occasion. Cotton and linen sarees have always been in trend in the fashion industry. They are versatile, elegant and simple. You can restyle them in a million ways and turn a simple cotton saree into a fashionable runway showstopper look. My current high is wearing the saree a little higher than usual and pairing it with a tee and sneakers. Just the idea of it makes me feel comfortable. 

This traditional attire that has lived with us for years and will stay in trend for years to come. It has also been modernized in numerous ways to fit the type of work we do and be comfortable and stylish. It not just embraces our body but also brings out a powerful personality. 

All this while, when I stayed away from sarees, I was always worried about my sari falling out, but with the #sarinotsorry trend, you feel motivated and influenced to try, and once you try it, there is never looking back. The #SariNotSorry trend where traditional attire finds a place in the modern world and these saree influencers are killing it like how!!

For beginners, the easier way to style a sari is to chuck the contemporary blouse and instead opt for a statement piece that is contrasting and makes you stand out. Try styling a cotton saree with polka dots or a patterned textured top or a blouse. And if you feel like re-changing the look, even more, try adding a statement belt around your waist for a chic look.


You can also drape the sari like a dhoti and pair it with the boots for an edgy look. There are multiple tutorials online on how to wrap it around like a dhoti. Cotton sarees are lighter and comfortable to manage when you want to try wearing it in the coolest ways possible. And if you are a beginner, cotton saris are the best to start with.  

Festive time is my favorite time of the year when my sarees come out of the wardrobe and out on the streets. I have restyled sari in multiple ways! Draped it on just one side, Paired it with a wide waist belt, added a shrug to color block the vibrant colors of the top, sari and the skirt below!!

You can choose the way you want to restyle a sari because the essential part of styling is being comfortable in what you wear. If you are not someone who wears heels, try switching to sneakers with the sari. If you think there is only a specific hairstyle that goes with traditional wear, then you are wrong. Messy Buns are so much fun for the hot mess lifestyle we (most of us) lead. My personal favorite is the half bun look. Super easy and flattering. 

Cotton sarees are the only way you can look stylish and also survive in this tropical climate that we all live in. I hope this has influenced you a bit and if didn’t, you have to look at the airport looks of celebrities in saris who look flawless, smart and fabulous!!

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