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All About A New Video Making Platform and Filters Called HiPi By ZEE5

We have a new Made in India app called HiPi by ZEE5 which is filled with fun filters to play around with during these tough times. I have had days without kohl and lip color and have had days when I felt like adding some color to my pale face. HiPi filters sounds perfect for the days when I have to take over the social media world without having to go through the process of beautifying myself to look presentable. My favorite pass-time is to look for fresh, new, funky beauty filters to try, discover and save for future use.

This new video maker platform is an initiative towards #AatmaNirbharBharat and makes it a new space to create and generate amazing content in the social media world. If you are someone who loves making short videos and also have hidden talents to share with the world, here you go – HiPi is the new thing. This is a great time to make use of this new application and create something amazing and also showcase your talents.

image source: ZEE5

As a content creator, it’s always important to be aware of the best application that one can use for their work and be notified about all the new features that the application has and how it works Create your niche and brand depending on what you want to showcase and create as a brand. The kind of research you do, matters a lot and also reaps benefits in no time. Homework is always necessary!

image source: ZEE5

You can check out HiPi on ZEE5‘s Instagram profile to check all the funny and creative short videos that people have created using the application. A lot of celebs have been using the filters that’s available on Hipi, creating fun videos and announcements for their subscribers. I personally love using filters to unbox the PR packages and also to just create a mood with music. Filters sometimes describes your personality as an influencer and as a brand. Choose wisely!

Did you know that you can create luxury looks with beauty filters of expensive cosmetics? Yes!! This #HappensOnHiPi. Isn’t that fun and easy now? For creators who want to become a luxury influencer, this might be a starting point. Create your luxury content in no time. From fire filters to unique vintage filters HiPi has got them all. The time lapse filter has the best transition and also is one my favorite part about this application.

I understand a lot of people were disappointed with the ban of a very famous short video making platform but not to worry anymore with HiPi. This application is currently available on Android and coming soon on iOS.

Like they say “Asli Maza Happens Only on HiPi”. All I can say is creativity found a new home. So what are you waiting for? Head to your app store now! And create videos in just one click and make your road for fame.

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