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All About Leather Bags

I have had my first ever leather bag for about 25 years now in brilliant condition, so much so that It looks brand new even now. Maintaining a leather bag is easy and worth it for years and years together. It can travel from one generation to another, just like the movie ‘The sisterhood of the travelling pants’. Think about it!

From very few sellers selling genuine leather-based products to now numerous brands (both online & offline) selling modern designs and trendy leather by-products, we have come a long way. Leather products have been a luxury and still are. It is not something that you can buy on fashion streets or e-commerce websites until and unless you have your sources for the authenticity of the same. 

As mentioned, since the durability of leather bags are impeccable, there are more attributes related to leather bags, in case you are in two minds. 

  1. Style & Design

The design is pretty comfortable and chic, even if the bag, shoes, leather products have an old school touch to them. I can call it an evergreen product. Leather bags are user-friendly and don’t have an age barrier as such. Anyone and everyone can have a leather bag, once in their lifetime. 

  1. Reliable 

Only in case you have done your research on good leather brands, reliability will work for you. There are a lot of sellers who sell fake leather products that are not even faux leather. There is a trick to figure the real leather product. Don’t forget to learn about it before you go to the market or buy one online. 

  1. Leather by-products

There are multiple accessories that can be made of leather. Belts, keychains, book cover, wallets, jackets and gloves are just a few of the products that you will find online. 

  1. Cost-Effective

We all know that leather is at the higher range when it comes to pricing, but you need to think about the durability and longevity of the product and calculate the same. A fast-fashion brand would sell a fancy designer bag for extremely cheap rate compared to a leather bag. The fast-fashion bag would not survive for more than 5 years when compared to a leather bag that could be passed on to the next generation too – Not Kidding!

  1. Quality

Leather bags are usually water-resistant but not waterproof because of the porous quality in the leather. Since it’s naturally resistant to water damage, the leather bags or any other leather products don’t peel or wear off. It naturally comes with anti-fungal properties. 

These are a few of the reasons why a lot of professionals opt for leather bags, briefcases, jackets, belts, wallets etc. It’s an investment. Leather bags are genuine, best in nature and worth the money spent. It’s safe to say that leather bags are the most trustworthy material that can use for ages. They are beautiful and stylish, what else would one need!


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