A Thing Called Fashion

The Chain Necklace Trend

When it comes to necklaces, I am all about layering it one over another. There was a time when rustic long chain and a big pendant was a rage in the fashion industry, then came statement earrings and now we have the chain necklaces in all sizes. We have seen single chain necklaces to layered necklaces tagged to one joint, making all our life easier.

I have never discriminated between gold and silver necklaces. But I used to be a silver fanatic once upon a time. Now I invest in the best! It is the greatest investment you can have when it comes to fashion. Accessorizing your outfit changes the vibe completely. From a Boho Chic to just Chic is just an accessory away. I took my sweet time to fall for the gold chain, and I did.

For work, I like to keep it simple with a chain and a tiny little pendant (can do without the pendant too). Doesn’t catch too much attention around the neck during work hours and still makes me feel pretty.

You can pair wider gold chain with plain color shirts with collar and bring a contrast to the monotone. There are few layer friendly necklaces that can also be paired with any chunky chain necklace, in case you have a deep neck. When it comes to layering, coin necklaces have been selling like hot cakes in most of the stores even today. Let me share something with you out of experience, white and gold makes the best combination.

Statement gold chains brings a huge impact in the way you look. The whole point of having a statement necklace is to stand out from the crowd and to be unusual is my favorite thing to do. If you are a lazy person and don’t want to put in too much brain work, get yourself those all in one layered necklace. You will not just get the look but also save so much time in looking for the right length of chains.

A fashion enthusiast will always have their statement kit ready. You can play with accessories to make or break your outfit. The best part about chain necklaces is that you have the freedom to style it however you want and never go wrong.

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