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Five Types of Banarasi Saree That Will Make You Look Elegant

Banarasi saree is one of a kind. This Indian thread has been ruling the world for years and years together. The banarasi saree is worth the cost and also lives with you for generations together. This multiple yard sari not only makes you feel royal but also makes perfect bridal wear for other special occasions. It is the finest and most exquisite variety of silk. 

Did you know that there are different types of Banarasi Sarees? I only got to know it when I visited the beautiful city of Banaras. 

Banarasi sarees are classified based on different kinds of patterns, colour, no. of thread and motifs. Depending upon the occasions and functionality, you can pick the right Banarasi. 

Types of Banarasi 


Katan is believed to have longevity with a sheen and lustre finish to it. In short, it’s durable with twisted thread work and seamless borders. They are indeed glamorous and worn mostly at weddings. 


They are lighter in weight and can be worn on a regular basis but not so special on occasions. It’s cost-effective and comes in simple designs and subtle shades. 


This is another kind of saree that has a lot of Zari work and is filled with a lot of goldwork. It is comparatively heavy and has intrinsic designs. The design and the work result in a rich looking saree. It is smoother, softer and shinier compared to the other Banarasi sarees. 


No doubt the lightest one of them all. It has a flair and easily takes the shape of the body. They took to have a shine to the fabric. They are perfect for summer parties. 


Jangla sarees are said to be a typical Banarasi design. The saree is weaved with different colour threads that make it exquisite and unique. The use of the Jangla saree is the intrinsic rich thread work on this luxurious fabric. They are not just high in exotic quotients and work like magic for weddings. 

There are other types of Banarasi like Shikargarh, Tanchoi, Cutwork saree, Tissue saree, Butidar, Jamdani etc. They are all fine silk and have the beauty of their own. The wide range of different types of Banarasi makes it easy for anyone to choose their type wisely. Shop from Karagiri for great quality and variety of sarees, My family go to a shop is definitely karagiri, Highly recommended 

In my family, the Banarasi saree has been binding for generations. That feeling not only makes the fabric priceless but also a storyteller. That’s what Banarasi Sarees do to you! They tell stories!!

I hope you enjoyed the post, and please do share your Banarasi stories with me. 


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