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“Just let me shop & No one gets Hurt ” – What I Shopped In Malaysia !!

Its hard to find time to shop for yourself , but a closet full of options is a time saver !!

If you find something you like , stick to it and buy at least three !! LOL 😉

So !! Yes , I shopped till I Dropped !!

Well , frankly speaking I went totally ballistic looking at the malls . All the shopping malls were humongous !! I swear . There were brands like H&M , Bath & Body Works , Unicolo, Victoria Secrets etc . The other brands were difficult to remember . We went street shopping as well the other day ! Lets start with what I bought from the malls . The Mall I went to was Sunway Mall , Suria Mall and KLCC Sentral Mall called Mu sigma I guess . Terrible at recollecting names !

  • So first we went to Sephora . We do have Sephora in India but only in Delhi ,and I stay in Bangalore. Had heard a lot about the brand so decided to head there first . I can’t tell you how pretty the place is . I was totally confused . But thanks to my favourite bloggers I knew about some of the products and head their straight .

  • I got the Glad Hair Day Cream for my hair since it gets dry very easily . Plus I ride an activa so it gets difficult to keep your hair pretty . Also as bought the Sephora Strawberry Hand Lotion , Cream Eye Shadow ( for my mom ) and Body Shower Gel . The Sephora Lip Gloss came in free with our purchase at this store . The Burts Bees lip balm is what I terribly wanted , so got that . This lip balm is just super amazing and the only lip balm I trust .
  • It was high time I bought a Palette , so I head to the Naked Counter and bought the Urban Decay Palette . Soon I should do some make up and put it up for you . Last but not the least got a lip tint from Benefit Cosmetics and the packaging is just so adorable .

  • I shall reveal the truth !! I went MAD at Bath & Body Works . I fell in love with this place and didn’t know what to pick up and what not to. Lord ! I was so greedy that I wanted more of it but my financial conditions were going down ! LOL .
  • Well , here I knew what I wanted . I directed myself to the travel editions and got the Peach Mist , Velvet Sugar Body Shower Gel and Love Sunshine Lotion. I had also heard a lot about their sanitizers so I got the gift pack which had 5 pieces of different fragrance. Next , this is where I surrendered  , the aroma therapy products . Fantafabulous ! Loved them but couldn’t buy them and kept it back .
  • I love candles so I couldn’t  resist and got this “Be Darling ” Candle which is musky and smells like a man *wink* *wink* Hahaha !

  • Then we went street shopping at Pentaling Street . While me and my friend were window shopping , we saw this creative man making this beautiful colourful bottled sand art . I was astonished how he could do it ! I saw him making one of these . The whole art is done with sand and gum by filling it inside the bottle . Beautiful Creation ! I bought this for myself as a souvenir .

  • There were 1st copy bags being sold which looked 100% original and I was in two minds in buying a Micheal Kors Satchel .
  • But meanwhile I saw this beautiful handbag in three colours and automatically changed my mind . They had this bag in Black , Tan Brown , and Dark Brown .
  • I still need to inaugurate this bag and style it 🙂

So these are what I bought for myself . I got some miniature perfumes and chocolates for my friends. For dad I picked up a T shirt from Unicolo and A Scotch Bottle from the Duty free store and for mom , I got her a stylish hand bag with cosmetics and perfumes . And some more T shirts and chocolates for my dear brother .

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