A Day in My Life

Five Things To Do In Kodaikanal

Bangalore is close to a lot of beautiful places and one such place is Kodaikanal - The Princess of hills. Kodaikanal and Wayanad were two places I had not been to and was on the top of the list. The moment I realised that I had a long weekend, I knew what the destination was… Continue reading Five Things To Do In Kodaikanal

A Day in My Life

What Happens When You Travel Solo!

A lot of people say that traveling solo is the best thing but they don't really talk about the issues that you face when you travel solo. Traveling solo is not about the money but mostly about the courage to travel alone. There are so many things that come to your mind when you think… Continue reading What Happens When You Travel Solo!

A Day in My Life

A Fresh Start

From demonetization to the gory scene in Bangalore, we started 2017 on a bad note. Not that demonetization is bad ! But it had its pros and cons. Don't let the new year sneak up on you. What are you going to do different this year ? Not that doing what you already do is… Continue reading A Fresh Start

A Thing Called Fashion

The Shirt-Dress Story

Hello everyone !! What is up ? I just got back from a trip with a tanned face, hoping that my face comes back to it's normal skin tone soon. This time I am here with my shirt dress story ! It's an experience that I wanted to share because I am damn sure all… Continue reading The Shirt-Dress Story