A Day in My Life

The Malaysian Affair

This was my first ever foreign trip and you can imagine the excitement in my heart and my mind .

My tickets were booked a month before my travel date and I was all set to start packing and leave . Well , I couldn’t wait for the date to come closer . I took the Air Asia ( The Cattle Class ) , since that was the only reasonable one among all, so I cant complain .

I finished my work on Friday i.e. 14th of August and left for the airport . Cleared my Security check and Immigration . Right when you come out , they have the duty free store lit up like a jewellery store . Hahahaha !! Of course I went in to check , the only thing I didn’t like about the duty free store was it was valued in Dollars , otherwise I was mesmerized by the perfumes , alcohol and the chocolates . I am a perfume freak and I cry when it gets over ! Bought some chocolates for my dearest friend in Malaysia and a book called “The Manifesto of Change by APJ Abdul Kalam ” . The book not only helped me pass my time but the book is just so interesting that you don’t feel like stopping . It was about time to board ! I boarded and slept like a baby and only woke up when we landed .

Reached Malaysia .

Day 1 :

I was amazed at the Kuala Lumpur Airport . Super huge area with four floors of entertainment , shopping and food . It was a super gigantic Mall . I got excited seeing Johnny Rockers and Burger King and went in to hog on their delicious burgers.

Took a shuttle to KL Sentral from the airport since I was going to stay with my friend who stays close to KL Sentral . The bus ticket costed me around 11 MYR . The scenic beauty around on our way to KL Sentral is very serene . So much of greenery around which is peaceful to eyes . After 45 mins exact , the bus reached the destination .

I had to wait at the bus station for my friend to come receive me for 10 mins . The weather was not what I expected . It was hot and coming from Bangalore I felt more hot since Bangalore city always has cool weather .

Malaysia is on the equator so that is why the weather is always hot the entire year . They don’t have winters , at-least not like how we have in India.

I spotted my friend and went running to her , hugged her super tight since we were meeting after 2 years . Her residence was close by but we took the mono rail and walked down to her place . I must say Kuala Lumpur is well connected with its mono rails and rapid KL .

Went home , freshened up and had breakfast . We sat for a while before we hit the road . I could see the famous TV Tower and The Twin Tower from her residence . Later post breakfast we left for The Petronas Tower in KLCC . The infrastructure is a magnificent do . Hats off to the architect ! We couldn’t go on the top since it was too expensive for foreign nationals so instead we went to the aquarium in Suria KLCC. It was just amazing .

Ofcourse we shopped !! We went to this brand called Unicolo in the mall where I bought Tshirts for my friends and family . We had lunch at this wonderful gourmet place beside the mall.

 The Sea Food

Pork Stand

Later in the evening went to Bukit Bintang for a nice Saturday Evening . Said to be the most happening place. I love observing people and it was a wonderful experience there . We got a seat in this pub called Sutra . The band played amazing songs like “Another brick in the wall ” , “Sweet Home Alabama” etc.

Day 2 : 

I was tired due to the journey , so got up a bit late . Post breakfast in the afternoon we left for other places to see . After a while we went to a street side shop where they sell amazing stuff and surprise you .

 It was extremely hot and we couldn’t walk much . We saw Battu caves , The Pedronas House , Putrajaya and The Cyberjaya . There were so many luxury cars around me which was fascinating . It’s also a pleasure to know about new customs and religions of different countries .

 We went to Sephora and Bath and Body Works to go crazy . I was in love with Bath and Body works . I wish this brand comes to India soon . Later I had to go to my Dad’s friend’s place for dinner . Came back to the residence and sat beside the pool with a glass of Jack Daniels . A peaceful feeling 🙂 We sat and spoke for long hours since we were meeting after ages . There was so many things to talk about and realize how things have changed so quickly .

We had left for Langkawi in the afternoon by road , but had to unfortunately return back due to the heavy rains . Sadly it didn’t happen.

Day 3 : 

I had to pack my luggage since I had to leave for India in the night . We got dressed and went to KLCC to relax for a while and ate lunch . Meanwhile a very sweet thing happened . There was this deaf and dumb guy who was begging on the road for money . A small kid . I took out some Ringgit and gave it to him . Then out of gratitude  , that adorable kid gifted me a key chain . It was a super adorable gesture .

After some wonderful memories captured in my head , it was time for me to board the aero bus and leave for the airport . Reached the airport in an hour . Went to Johnny Rockers to hog on more food lol and left for boarding.

Well , that”s how I spent my wonderful weekend with my dear friend Richa !!

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