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” He Who Would Travel Happily Must Travel Light ” – My Road Trip Travel Essentials

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

True !! Every time I travel to some place , I do have a story attached to it and for sure a memorable one .  Travelling is something that makes me a happy person . And to be a happy person one should always Travel Light !

So , here we are with my road trip travel essentials .

1. Travel backpack 

I personally find it easy to have a backpack for my travel rather than a handbag . This backpack was from www.jabong.com . I had bought this from the e-commerce site for 720 Rs and I am in love with it . It has compartments inside to keep your mobile phones or something that you need to get hold of easily without struggling .

2. Travel Pouch 

Every bag of mine always has a pouch with all my travel edition make-up and fragrance which comes handy and takes less space. This pouch is from forever21 . I have already written a blog on what I carry in my pouch . The products are the same . Click on Travel Pouch to see what’s inside it .

3. Sun Tan Lotion 

I always carry a body lotion while travelling because for me its the most essential . 8 hours in day I am under the sun working or travelling , so I tan very easily . This is why I prefer my body lotion also to have a SPF count . The Vaseline Healthy White lotion has been a great companion , with SPF 24  and amazing fragrance.

4. Sanitizers and Tissue 

Initially , I used to carry a lot of wet tissues with the dry ones . Off late I have realized that wet tissues makes my face more dry and sultry.

Sanitizers are a must where ever you go !

5. Munchies

Mints have always been a part of me . I am not a fan of them but I just cant live without it too . Tic Tacs is one of the essentials that you will find in my bag. Otherwise I do carry a lot of chocolates or some potato chips for the trip.

6. Perfume 

I am obsessed with perfumes . Even though I carry a travel size perfume in my pouch , I always have one extra perfume with me . This was a gift from my Aunt and my sister . I love the fragrance . It is not only floral but also musky which is a great combination .

7. Sun Tan Spray

The Neutrogena Sun Screen Body Mist was a fancy buy but I love how it operates . Whenever I go for a beachy vacation , I carry my spray along . Easy to use and very light . It was pretty expensive too for a sunscreen body mist .

8. Travel Pillow 

We all have had our awkward moments when asleep while travelling and then waking up with a neck ache . Tada !! To solve all that I bought myself this travel pillow from The Chumbak Store. Colorful and Useful . Love it !!

9. Chargers and Portable Tech.

It is just impossible to travel without chargers and your portable battery charger while you are away from home and plug points . I wonder how it was when we didn’t have these technology and phones to charge . Need to experience that I soon .

10. Lip Care

Moisturising is an essential part of  my travel . I hate it when my lips dry up in air conditioning , therefore I always carry my lip balm and I always carry two . Just in case if I loose one . This one is the strawberry flavoured lip balm from The Body Shop India.

11. Dry Shampoo

Due to different climate , while travelling , my hair always tends to loose its texture .This particular dry shampoo was a great discovery by BBlunt . Its like a saviour for your hair . Rightly said , the hair comes back to life after use .

12. Medicine Utility Pouch 

I had an extremely bad time once while travelling and I wasn’t even carrying any medicine nor did the place where I stayed had any . Since then I have made it a point of carrying some of the important medicines , lotion and mosquito sprays while I travel for precaution.

13. Eye Wear

If you follow me on Instagram or know me , you would have got to know I go crazy when it comes to eye wear . I have a eye wear collection strating from 100Rs to 7000Rs . Currently reflectors are my favourite . Again , I always carry two shades in my bag .

14. Ipod 

Music and Travel are great together . They are like a couple made for each other.

15. Notebook and a Pen

I always carry a notebook and a pen the traditional way . You never when you might need it . Plus I love writing down things rather than feeding it and saving it one my phone .

All set to travel now !! ❤

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