A Day in My Life

A City Where Everything and Anything Can Change But The Sea Is a Constant – The Emotional Bombay !

More dreams are realized than extinguished in BOMBAY than any other place in India.

In this city every deserted street corner has a crowd ! It appears in seconds when something disrupts and disappear instantaneously. That’s how world should work !  It is an incredible cavalcade of life .

Here is my story – “A Quickie with Bombay”


 Bangalore to Bombay isn’t that far by road if you have a 4 wheeler and I am sure its a beautiful drive . But I took a flight to Bombay to meet two of my dearest people . It was a really short trip ! Being Bombay I am sure you know how difficult it is to travel around there . But still I had the courage to make a long list and complete it in those two and a half days . Thanks to my team 😉

The history of this city just keeps you engaged . This city has gone through so much and yet so beautiful !! This was my 3rd visit and was a lot more curious than before .

Day 1 

I reached post lunch from Bangalore on a Friday Afternoon . It took me few hours to adjust to the humid weather . But nevertheless , we left to check few of the place that I listed in my places to go !

We went to Prithvi Theatre – One of Mumbai’s best known theatres in Juhu . It was built by Shashi Kapoor in the fond memory of his father Prithviraj Kapoor . Prithvi Theatre is home or Artists and Art Lovers !

IMG_20151009_184854 IMG_20151009_185226 IMG_20151009_185815 IMG_20151009_192233

This place is beautifully lit and filled with students and artists . Prithvi Theatre has an amazing cafe also attached to it called The Prithvi Cafe . This Beautiful cafe makes amazing food . We were too early for the show so we decided to sit by and eat instead . We ordered for Cheese Jalapeños , Chocolate Milkshake and Raspberry Shake . The Cheese Jalapeño with that Salsa Sauce was delicious . It just melted in our mouth . After few hours of Pet – Puja , we decided to head to Bora Bora , which faces the Juhu Beach for some sea food . Bora Bora was this huge shack kind of Pub where we ate more food and alcohol and discussed about everything in and around .The music and the ambiance was pretty decent . After few hours , we decided to walk down to the beach for some street side munches . This is where we should have stopped eating but we decided to taste some more delicacies and went to the beach .

IMG_20151009_222341 IMG_20151009_222447

At the Juhu Beach we had samosa chat and pani puri and walked down the beach to digest some of the delicious food that we ate . Later we decided to head to a club to dance away to glory .

I had always heard about the night life in Bombay and this time I made it a point to feel the place as well . Its astonishing for me at least to know how this city never sleeps . You don’t realize the time at all . Even at 2 am people have the same energy and vibes .

Day 2 :

Another friend joined us from Hyderabad to add more fun .

Left in the afternoon for Comedy Canvas in Palladium for some laughter magic . They have shows every weekends mostly by famous comedians and youtubers like Kanan Gill , Biswa Kalyan , AIB Team , Sourabh Pant , Aditi Mittal etc . My all time favourite is Kanan Gill .

IMG_20151010_123143 IMG_20151010_123400

Sourabh Pant ‘s show was at 10 pm so we left for Colaba for some street shopping and places to eat . We entered Mondegar to hog on some delicious food and after a brief shopping in Colaba we went to Leopald Cafe to have some cold beverages and snacks .

Leopald Cafe
Leopald Cafe

IMG_20151010_151118 IMG_20151010_151105 IMG_20151010_151102

Later after a while , we walked to The Taj Mahal Hotel to sit and chill at Colaba Social for some drinks . And that is when I realized that anyone below 25 years of age aren’t allowed in a pub in Bombay . I have no clue why because in Bangalore its 18 years . Well every state has its own rules and regulations .

IMG_20151010_175617 IMG_20151011_110247

After few drinks , we went on a horse ride to The Marine Drive and sat their facing the sea. That is when I felt I was in Bombay . A city that never stops !

Hour or Two later , We taxied to Kala Ghoda Cafe before we left for home sweet home. My partner in crime wanted to have some Parsi food and Tea . And it was already 1 am . Just didn’t realize how time passes by in this lovely city called Mumbai.

IMG_20151010_210445 (1) IMG_20151010_211537 IMG_20151010_211547

Day 3 :

Sunday is here in a blink of an eye . The end of Mumbai Diaries ! We had to leave post lunch for our respective loaction. Hence we decided to sit somewhere in Bandra so that its closer to the airport to travel . We went to Candies for an early breakfast . This was the 2nd time I had been to Candies and I was disappointed with the management and the service. Here I am talking about The Candies in Palli Hill . I had ordered for a simple sandwich which didn’t even taste good enough to consume . The only thing I could have was the salad and the shakes .


Highly disappointed and frustrated , we left the place to go to The Pint room in Bandra . The moment we entered we saw a very beautiful lady asking us to join them inside for an Open Jamming Session with a band called Rhythm & Brews . The event is called Music Konnects , where every Friday and Sunday 12pm onwards , they have a live band jamming and singing along with people in the pub . It was a wonderful experience there . Everyone there were congenial.

We sang all genres of Bollywood songs and spent 4 hours at this immensely cosy place called The Pint Room . Before leaving for the airport I went to Theobrama to pick up and eat some confectioneries  .


I had got a walnut brownie parcelled which was mouth watering ! These three beauties were totally exquisite . Amazing !!

A Lovely Weekend That I Had !!

That’s how I spent my weekend at this wonderful City !! Let me know what you did this weekend or rather planning to do the coming weekend .

Cheers !!

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