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The Chicest and The Easiest – Monochrome

What’s black & white and chic all over? Any guesses ??

The Monochrome Trend of course !!!

There are times when black and white are persistently avoided for some bold, bright and solid colours. Like the glamour magazine said, “There’s been one overwhelming winner for fashion trend of the season in celebutante’s  wardrobes – monochrome.” I agree with that statement totally. People think black & white is not that powerful compared to non-taintedness which is fabricated. The key to get the black & white ensemble is to work on it from tip to toe. It’s  not easy to get the block prints or the vibrant colours in action, it totally depends on person-to-person. People should start considering the black & white aka monochrome as the statement dresser rather than being shunned.

Monochrom gives an edge to your style. If you’re feeling brave, go for a graphical monochrome outfit. There are so many ways to layer the monochrome outfit, either with a bright silk scarf or a bold red lipstick. Sounds perfect to me !! What say ?


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