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Beauty – Sugar Cosmetics Product Review

Hello People,

Here I am with the ever spoken about product “Sugar Cosmetics“. Sugar Cosmetics is made in Germany. Quality wise it’s extraordinarily beautiful. Products that would turn heads and bring out the attitude in you.

I have the privilege to own The Eye Spy, Lip Dont lie Make Up box.



It consists of :

  • Eye Told You So! Smudgeproof Eyeliner – Black Swan

  • Twist and Shout Fade-proof Kajal – Black Velvet

  • Matte As Hell Crayon Lipstick – All Four Shades ( Scarlett O’Hara, Mary Poppins, Poison Ivy, Holly Golightly)

  • Matte As Hell Crayon Lipstick Sharpener



You can place your order through their website Sugar Cosmetics. They have an amazing collection of matte lip crayons, Kajal, Kohl and Eyeliners. Yes! They are affordable.

Well, now I can officially say that I am pretty much obsessed with matte lipsticks. I was always against lip colours and would always stick to my lip balms until now. They bring out the best in me ;). Here I am with my simple perspective about the Sugar Cosmetics Lip, as a Consumer, Blogger, and a Fashionista. 

Talking about the lip crayons, all the colours are just stunning !! From the nude to the wine red.


Shh, I have a secret !!! I lick my lipsticks and of course they disappear before I enter a party or a restaurant (humiliating with half lip colour stuck on my lip for no good ).

Been there done that eh ?

Wish granted !! Yayy ! These lip crayons stay for 24 hours come what may !

Relax, Lick, Eat and Sip ! The Colour still stays !

They are the best I have ever used so far. The colours are so striking and audacious.

Without any further ado, let me start with the swatches and also introduce my dear friend and model for The Sugar Cosmetic Blog, Neha Ghatak. She is not only a lipstick fanatic but also an alluring face for this product.


  • Scarlett O’Hara Lip Crayon – Matte






Scarlett Red is the most magnificent colour. The pigmentation of the lip crayon is perfect. It gives you a very bold look. The weekend colour is what I would call it.


  • Mary Poppins




Mary Poppins shade is a mix of pink and purple. Initially, I was skeptical too, but post application, I loved the shade. I believe, this shade could totally go for a work day.

Why not ? :p


  • Poison Ivy



It looks similar to red but it’s not. Unfortunately, my oneplus one camera wasn’t able to capture the exact shade. Its in between a brick red and brown.

Isn’t the colour captivating !?


  • Holly Golightly





Last but not the least, the most used, the nude colour. You can see from the image of the itself crayon and evince that I have used this particular one vigorously. I think I am monopolized with nude lipsticks.


I am thankful to Neha, for taking out time to model for me. Dont you think she rocked all the colours gorgeously. The divine beauty !


Cheers 🙂

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