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My Varkala Travel Story – The Voice of The Sea Speaks to The Soul

Sea has a potent power to make us think things what we like. The sea lets me free. A place of relaxation, tranquillity and rest. There is a breathtaking world inside the sea.

So, here I am with My Varkala Travel Story.

My trip to Varkala was already planned and unfortunately only for 2 days. For people who don’t know where Varkala is – Varkala is a beautiful coastal town of Kerala. It is the suburban town of Thiruvananthapuram. Varkala is a land of cliff, evergreen palms and considerable coast.

This is my first ever trip to Kerala and immensely loved this weekend getaway. I needed my Vitamin Sea !! also I am an AQUAHOLIC !!! ❤

We flew from Bangalore to Thiruvananthapuram. The flight tickets were pretty reasonable from Bangalore. Alternate way of come to Varkala are buses, that go to Thiruvananthapuram and mid way between Varkala and Thiruvananthapuram. Since we were pinned to two days, did not want waste time on the road journey. Again, from the Thiruvananthapuram Airport, we left for Varkala by taxi which was sent to us from The Palm Tree Heritage Beach Resort. The Palm Heritage Beach Resort is where we lodged in. Before that let me show you how beautiful Kerala is from the flight up above before landing. I could see the palm trees and the sea dancing with joy. It is monsoon season now, which made it tranquil.

Palm Heritage is situated by the sea, the lone private beach in Kerala. It offers a peep into the idyllic beauty of the beach washed away by The Arabian Sea. I can strongly lay down the fact that, the surroundings are serene and peaceful.

It took us approximately 45 minutes to reach Varkala from the airport. The monsoon season is an off-season for all the tourist spots in the coastal region. We had booked the standard room with the sea view. This standard room had a double bed, bathroom and a verandah which had a glimpse of the sea.


Day 1

We freshened up to head to the cafe, since we were very hungry. The staff in The Palm Tree Heritage Resort are amicable and very generous people. The cafe had the view of the sea ( of course ). We ordered for some fish, roti and sandwiches to start with.

The manager came to welcome us at their beautiful resort. They greeted us with a welcome drink at the cafe. It was already lunch time so we hogged on anything and everything. The manager – Mr Babu is a very humble person, since we were two girls staying at the standard room all alone, he decided to shift us to a suite. The standard room was a little secluded from the resort. Of Course, we shrieked with joy and ran to pack our bags and shift to the beautiful bungalow that faced the sea. Oh ! by the way for the same price as the standard room ;). Lucky me !!



It was already 4pm by the time we got done with our lunch and shifted to our heavenly abode. We decided to lay by the bungalow till evening and relax. The weather was impeccable and was raining as well. The monsoon had hit the coastal area with a bang. Later, we went back to the cafe to have some tea and get lost in the waves.



Yes ! We ate a lot of french fries, it was delectable.

Life is just great by the sea. Toes in the sand, waves rolling in and feeling the breeze.Smell the sea and be at ease. You just don’t know who time passes by when you are having a good time. It was dinner time. We ordered for some light sea food to relish.


IMG_20160610_200507 (1)

Day 2

Woke up to the picturesque sea. How I wish I could just stay back and not go back to the mundane city life. Well, a dream has to end somewhere !! 😛

Breakfast time !!


Perfect breakfast that was !! Eggs and Pancakes !!!

Post breakfast, we soaked ourselves into the sea. But the high tides just didn’t let us go far.

The rain stopped, hence we thought of heading to the other side of Varkala. Unfortunately, right before lunch time around 1pm, rain started pouring and the wind was unstoppable.We were at the south beach of Varkala and post lunch wanted to head to the North cliff which is a bit more commercialised than the south beach . Hence, lunch was at The Palm Tree Heritage Resort.


We wanted to eat light, so ordered some Calamari grill, Fried Rice and French fries. Looked like we were here in Varkala to eat. But the dishes were mouth-watering, couldn’t complain.

Post lunch, at 5pm, we walked up to the cliff to the north beach. It was a 10-15min walk on the coastal line. Impressive !!


Since it was off-season, less tourists, most of the shacks were closed for the monsoon. We read about Trattorias cafe online which was open, so headed to that place. It is situated on the cliff and the view from the cafe is flawless.




Spent time at this tiny little cafe up the cliff listening to some old hindi pop songs. From Bombay Vikings to Sunita Rao. We were on a roll. Ordered for fish and cocktails ( don’t remember the names but it was a vodka based drink) . Stayed here till evening and left for the south beach where we were staying.


Day 3

In a blink of an eye, the vacation came to an end. It was our last day at Varkala. We were in two minds to head back to Bangalore. Anyways, can’t listen to the heart when the mind doesn’t want it. With a sad smile, we left for the cafe to start our day with the breakfast.

At breakfast, we see Mr Babu with a packet full of crabs and that is when we knew the lunch had to be here. The staff was so generous, he made the crab ready for us before lunch so that we could spend more time at the cliff. Hands down ! The crab was finger-licking. The meat was scrumptious and delectable. It was a lemon garlic savoury.

We had our flight to catch at 10pm in the night and decided to leave from Varkala at 6;30pm before time since it was raining ponderously. The check out time was 11am at the resort, so we had to do the needful. They gave us a cottage behind the bungalow to freshen up till we leave for the airport. So kind ! The cottage was extremely beautiful surrounded by lush green plants & trees .


After shifting our luggage again to the cottage, we left for the cliff for more food. Fortunately, there were few handicrafts shops open and we decided to buy some collectibles.

Entered with a smile into Trattorias, like we promised the owner there. Sat by the sea view and clicked some pictures of the beauty. And yes, ordered for more food. Asked for White Russian cocktail, fried noodles and Thai rice noodles. We had to head back to the resort around 5pm to leave for the airport. The sun-god decided to shine bright on us !! 😛 Before we left for the south beach, we went for a walk on the cliff to see what we missed. This is where the crowd was. A lot of shacks and cheaper hotels to stay. It was time ! We head back to The Palm Heritage Beach Resort and bid goodbye. The staff came till the cab to see us before we left. That’s Sweet !!


Thank you The Palm Tree Heritage for having us over and taking care of us like family.

We will be back soon 🙂



10 thoughts on “My Varkala Travel Story – The Voice of The Sea Speaks to The Soul”

  1. Too good description…. feel like having a getaway at the earliest… Neways great photography that makes the want of a getaway super strong …love it👌


  2. Good photopgraphy and discription😍..make feel good ..thanks to give a picture of varkala ..
    “Alla ariyan melanitt chodhikkuva fud kazhikkan poyathanoo” #😜😉


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