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Choose To Shine with Kirtilals Diamond Collection

The best thing in life are free and the second best are very expensive – Coco Chanel 

Diamond’s are always popular and a girl’s best friend. It was my pleasure to be a part of Kirtilals, India’s premium diamond jewellery’s  11th anniversary in Bengaluru on the 18th of August. They launched an amazing new range of light weight diamond necklaces at a price starting from Rs. 77,000 only. Isn’t that great news !!?? All the diamond lovers, wake up, you have a new toy in town! They showcased a wide array of sparkling diamond necklaces with traditional and contemporary touch to the necklaces.

Kirtilals is a premium diamond and gold jewellery brand with 11 exclusive showrooms all across south India. The brand has its flagship store in Coimbatore and has a legacy of more than 75 years of operations with more than 300000 customers. The brand is present in Coimbatore, Chennai, Madurai, Tiruppur, Kochi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Vijaywada and Vishakhapatnam.

In the diamond jewellery industry, it was found that the demand for diamond jewellery has been picking up because of its minimalistic designs. The only issue that kept they away from buying was the price range. To cater to this gap and the new generation, Kirtilals launched their diamond necklaces.

The trend changes in a blink of an eye so have the trend with jewellery. Of Late, everyone opts for diamond jewellery on daily basis (i.e studs or pendant) then just wear it for a massive event. At Kirtilals, they have travelled across the world to learn about the new trendsetters and the high street fashion, to present them in an innovative way.

I had the opportunity to talk to Mr Arun Kumar, Head – Marketing Manager, Kirtilals. He said – they have strived their level best to meet the expectations of all the customers. When it comes to the quality of the range, there is no discrimination. Diamonds are always a girl’s best friend. Not only do they have emotions attached to it but have an everlasting memory.

The collections that were showcased at the launch party are as follows. I am sure you will love the creations. It’s glamorous.



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