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Colour Me Healthy with MTR Veggie Idli Mix

On a bright day, while I was scrolling through few articles, I found an engaging post that was about colours that you need to eat routinely. Fancy eh !?

Did you know that eating healthy is as easy as following the rainbow? 

( Source – Bodyecology.com )

So if you consolidate the rainbow colours with the vegetables and fruits in your routine, you are on your way to a nutritious diet. Colours like yellow & orange, green, blue & purple, red and white gives you a broad range of vitamins, antioxidants and phytochemicals, enhances your health and protects you from diseases.

Colours can be a delightful visual appeal to eating healthy food. Instead of some weird diet plans, just follow the rainbow.

Talking about colours and healthy food, I present to you first of its kind MTR Veggie Idli. MTR has come out with healthy breakfast mixes, Carrot Idli, Beetroot Idli and Spinach Idli. It’s a ready to make breakfast veggie delight with 40% vegetables. One can find it at any Kirana stores.

With more than 40% vegetables and no added preservatives.

MTR began in 1924 with the formation of MTR Restaurant by the Maiya family in Bangalore. The restaurant is the busiest place to eat even today, with people waiting in the queue to relish the best of south indian dishes. MTR’s wide range of products include ready-to-eat curries and rice, ready-to-eat cook gravies, frozen food, ice-cream, instant mixes, spices and variety of pickles & papads, and milk beverage drinks. MTR became part of Norwegian Company M/s Orkla in 2007. All the dishes, precisely in the embodiment of taste and quality.

MTR is a legacy casted by generations. They have a rich heritage of over 85 years. From the finest ingredients, there is no doubt that they believe in adhering in authentic indian dishes. They believe that quality stands first.

Source – MTR Foods )

Talking about MTR Idli Mix , it’s as simple as building blocks. The whole procedure did not take more than 15mins for an amateur cook like me. The steps are as follows –

  1. Pour the mixture into a vessel. Add one cup of water and half cup curd. Stir it till its a thick paste.
  2. Wait for 5mins for the batter to settle before you pour it into the idli moulds. Heat water in a steamer.
  3. Place the idli stand in the steamer for 10mins. Serve the veggie idli with your favourite chutney and sambar. Yum Yum !!



And yeah ! Dont forget to check out their adorable TVC – MTR Veggie Idli ( Click 😉 )


5 thoughts on “Colour Me Healthy with MTR Veggie Idli Mix”

  1. The idlis are truly looking very colourful and tempting… When I saw the second last photo, for a moment I thought they were scoops of colourful ice-creams on top of each other in the bowl 😀 Though I have never tried the ready-made mixes but last year, on the Independence day, I had prepared tiranga idlis by first grating the carrots and then making its paste and adding it to the rice-urad dal mixture. Similarly I had added the paste of spinach to the batter for the other colour.


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