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Love raised me – Lipstick Saved me !

On a bad day there is always a lipstick. Lipstick can’t solve your problems but its always a great start. When the going gets tough, you know what to do !!

Autumn is in full swing and I am right on time to discuss about this beautiful weapon called lipstick. I have been wanting to chit chat about lipsticks for some time now. There are wide range of lipsticks everywhere and off-late I have been raving about these dark shades like the purples and the blues. Though red has always been my eternal love. I usually wear subtle, nudes lipsticks for daytime and bold mattes for parties. Upkeep is always the key !

I have tons of lipsticks and need to review all of them. But for now let us focus on just these.




These are few of my favourite lipsticks. Starting with Chambor, MAC, Clinique, NYX and last but not the least the LA Girl.



The Chambor Madness – #482 – This neutral shade is not only the most flattering lipstick ever used but also long lasting transfer proof lipstick. I am personally one of those who eats my own lipstick like unknowingly not otherwise :p . I trust Chambor Transfer-proof blindly ! The matte coverage provides an intense coverage in just one go.

URL – Chambor 482


MAC Ruby Woo – I was against red lipstick because I thought it made me look old, until I owned the Ruby Woo. This was a gift from my dearest friend Neha Ghatak and I thank her for introducing me to the mother of all lipsticks. The reason behind my love for lipstick is because of Ruby Woo, it made me feel like I could carry it easily. This is a matte lipstick with an amazing texture. When in doubt always wear Ruby Woo and walk the ramp.

URL – MAC Ruby Woo



Clinique Chubby Stick – Days when I prefer something more subtle than the chambor 482, I turn to Clinique chubby stick. Its a moisturising tinted balm which does the trick. Super-nourishing balm is loaded with mango and shea butters. Just what dry, delicate lips need to feel comfortably soft and smooth. Natural-looking lip tints have a subtle sheen. They have various shades in the tinted balm range.

URL – Clinique


NYX liquid suede – The Amethyst – This deep neon purple shade is where the madness began. This vibrant colour not only gives a polish look to your lips but also strikes a matte finish. I don’t remember how I developed lust for these dark colours. From Aishwarya Rai in Cannes to other fashion bloggers being bold and beautiful – This colour is a must have. NYX amethyst is unscented and long lasting unlike other NYX lipstick that didn’t work well on me. You would have noticed this colour on me if you are following me on Instagram.

URL – NYX Amethyst



LA Girl Flat Velvet – LA Girl is all about bringing artistry to life. This blue valentine is Gothic colour. Apparently these velvet matte finish lipstick are enriched with shea butter to hydrate your lips. The texture of the lipstick is slightly creamy. Have used these product in my recent trip an have realised that this isn’t transfer proof but I love the shade.

URL – LA Gir Blue Valentine 

Bobbi Brown believes that any lip shade is off-limits, but texture is key. A sheer lipstick in a healthy pink or neutral colour looks more polished and grown-up than a super-shiny gloss.

What are your favourite lip colours ?

Comment down below your favourites and let me know what you think about my favourites.

Cheers !!

9 thoughts on “Love raised me – Lipstick Saved me !”

  1. I’ve heard of Mac Ruby Woo android everyone seems to love it,a lot. So the next time I hit them mall, I will see what Ruby Woo is all about. Also Bluetooth Valentine is really gothic. I’d love too try it when I choose to wear an all black ensemble. Great picks!


  2. Cool blog. I like the title a lot. Those are real bold colors and its great that u carry them so well ! I personal favorites are red and plum (the usuals 😉 )


  3. Cool blog. I like the title a lot. Those are real bold colors and its great that u carry them so well ! My personal favorites are red and plum (the usuals 😉 )


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