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Dimsums, Pizzas & Sparkling Water Galore @ Himalayan’s Flavours Of UB City Last Sunday!

A Sunday Well Spent Brings a Week of Content !!

Nothing is more joyful for a foodie on a Sunday than a food festival in your city, at your very favourite mall! Having said that, we were more excited to try something that could only enhance our food experience! So Himalayan (yes, you know this legendary brand!) launched their brand new sparkling water, and that itself was reason enough to drag us out of our homes on a lazy Sunday.

As soon as we reached, we promptly and without further ado grabbed our bottle of ‘bubbly’ and headed off to find out exactly what’s in store for us to munch along with it! Before taking the first quenching sip, it was the bottle that caught our fancy. The sleek, matte glass bottle was a well-applauded innovation. Nicely done, Himalayan!

Photo Credit – GreenApe ( Kamal Raj )

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We started off with Chicken Gyozas from Shiro’s, and the flavourful and spicy dimsums went really well with Himalayan’s sparkling water that perfectly balanced the spice factor, thereby greatly enhancing the overall experience. It made it quite easy for us to move on to our next dish, which was Italian since it did not really let the spiciness reign flamingly over our tongues.

Up next on our plates was the Barbecue Pizza from Toscano that, too, went pretty well with our pretty bottles of sparkling water. But what set the bar was its compatibility with the creamy Pumpkin and Ricotta Ravioli tossed in a creamy alfredo sauce *starry eyed*. Between sips of the lovely new fizzy water and a dish as stellar as this one, we didn’t really need any champagne. A great choice for teetotallers, this!

Now any food fiesta does not really end without desserts, and nor were we in any mood to go home without satiating our sweet tooth. Picking out a couple of cupcakes from Bliss and a waffle from Cafe Noir’s stall, we were eager to see if the our bottles of bubbly (water, that is!) passed muster here too. But not before cleansing our palate, and Himalayan here took care of that too!

One can even try a number of mock-tails, even a Virgin Mojito with the Himalayan sparkling water. Have it with just a slice of lime and replace your regular boring water while keeping yourself hydrated. Win win, anyone?

Chugging down your favourite (and most essential) beverage does not have to be monotonous anymore! Kudos to Himalayan.

Location | UB City, 24, Vittal Mallya Road, Bengaluru

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It was a fun evening !

Cheers !

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