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What’s in my make-up bag ?

With the exception of some major events or celebrations, I keep my make-up very minimal and when I am lazy, just a kohl ! I don’t apply any makeup to work because I really don’t have the patience to apply makeup for 15 mins and then ride to my work place just to realise that I don’t look like what I really thought I looked like. With the pollution all around I would be shocked if I looked fresh after reaching office. Haha ! Now I know why the office washrooms was always be jam packed.

I stick to the vital ones and these are what you would find in my makeup bag !

  • Inglot Multi-colour Bronzer – This is a palette of five shades for the face, eye and body but I only use it for the face. The silicone gives the product a smooth finish. The best part is it’s flattering to all the skin tones and gives a silky finish.
  • BeautyUk Eye Shadow Collection – I received this in my fabbag subscription long time back and was also the first ever palette I owned. For beginner like me, this was a good product. The product is pretty functional and useful. They have pretty basic shades to start with.
  • Kama Ayurveda Face Mist – KamaAyurveda pure vetiver water is floral. It cools, hydrates and tones your skin leaving it scented. I overuse it sometimes because I like how the skin cools down after spraying it.
  • MAC & Sephora Lipsticks – Both of them are shades of red but totally different from each other. This two lipstick is long lasting and unlike any other lipstick.
  • Benefit Real Mascara – This mascara is my favourite not only is it waterproof but also long lasting. But this jet-black mascara lengthens, curls, volumizes, lifts and separates. You need to get one to know what I am talking about !!
  • Maybelline Colossol – I remember the time this was launched! There was no other Kajal that could beat this product. Have been faithful with this for long but I think it’s time for me to change. I have heard there are a lot of other brands which are darker than the colossal.
  • Colorbar Makeup brush 

P.S. The makeup bag is from lifestyle.



Cheers !

6 thoughts on “What’s in my make-up bag ?”

  1. That’s a cute bag! I have a small bag of stuff which I carry everyday too, though it has so many things stuffed inside. I will be doing a post soon 😀


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