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Drapes of Desire

I don’t think sari can ever go out of fashion and I also don’t understand why some people cringe to wear a sari. Frankly, I was one among them few weddings back but have been in love with them since then. I bet most of us don’t even know what a traditional sari looks like or worn like. If I had to choose between Lehenga-Choli and Sari, I would always choose sari. It’s a wrong notion that sari is only worn by central and southern part of India. Sari is a beautiful clothing that you can experiment with.

“[Sari is] a power suit. You walk into a room wearing a sari and you know what the men are talking about – it’s a ‘socio-psyche’ thing.”, Lakshmi Rebecca, entrepreneur & filmmaker.

Sari always accentuates a woman’s body like no shirt or dress or even salwar can ever do. It’s not to hide the body because if you think you can hide your body in a sari then my dear you are absolutely wrong. It’s made to emphasise the curves. That’s what a sari is about. Everything is covered, yet a peep of an ankle can be a turn on.

It’s weird and flattering how if you wear a sari to a pub, bar or even a cocktail gathering, everyone around you google. Why is it that we always aspire to wear western wear but pitch for traditional wear only for the weddings and festivals?

Most of us are intimidated by the six-yard beauty and that’s why I decided to club the new age style with a traditional sari. My idea was to mix two themes to create one style!

Maria Goretti and Vidya Balan have mentioned that they could live in a sari and I surely believe that they were born to wear a sari. Elegant and divine! We recently saw Milind Soman’s mom run with him in a sari and a pair of the trainer and she looked so comfortable in them. During the recent fashion week, I noticed a lot of bloggers and designer wore the sari in a very unique and different way. Not only are the sari back with a swag but also trending! Nothing makes a woman look more beautiful like a sari does.

Outfit Details –

Sari – Borrowed

Top – Forever21

Jeans – HM

Heels – DoneByNone

Photography – KSlenscapes (Saikat Das)

16-11-27-02-18-46-442_deco16-11-27-02-19-40-198_deco16-11-27-02-20-29-441_deco16-11-29-00-11-08-759_deco16-11-29-00-12-05-844_deco16-11-29-00-29-06-868_deco16-11-29-00-29-46-730_decoCopy of IMG_9750Copy of IMG_9752Copy of IMG_9762

Location Courtesy | Koramangala Social

Let me know what you think about the look in the comment box down below ! And also let’s trying experimenting with the sari this time during Christmas and New Year celebrations. What say ?

Cheers !

7 thoughts on “Drapes of Desire”

  1. Saree is a traditional dress of Indians. This is one of the most ethnic, cultural and sophisticated outfits. Wearing this dress is something, which can depict your culture in the most modest yet civilized way. Thanks for sharing with us great post and I really like this.


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