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Hello 2017 – Earthy Style – Feat. Brass Tacks !!

Firstly, a very happy new year to everyone ! It’s 2017 already, 365 days of new opportunities and adventures coming your way.

How did you celebrate and welcome New Year? Any resolutions !? This new year me and my dearest friend decided to head to Benaras. Why Benaras? Benaras is older than history and older than traditions. Older even than a legend, and looks twice as old as put all of them together. I won’t talk much about my travel story because I will have it on The Small Town Blogger soon. So be patient! 🙂

Regarding New Years, it was extremely shocking and disturbing to hear what happened in Bangalore. It’s shame to hear, highly powerful people of the state talking like an illiterate. In his own words ” They tried to copy the westerners, not only in their mindset but even in their dressing,” as if Indian wear would make a lot of difference. A molester is a molester is a molester. Instead of sitting on the couch and complaining, one has to take strict action.  Bangalore, a hub for India’s tech industry, is safer than the Indian capital, Delhi, but still records the third-highest number of attacks intended “to outrage the modesty” of women, according to the country’s crime statistics bureau. We have the fundamental right in our country to wear what we want and go wherever we can. Your job is to keep the citizens safe – that’s all! Bangalore was never like this. I came here for work three years ago, also completed my education from Bangalore and nothing like this has ever happened. What politicians say is shameful. In south India, people respect these leaders and follow them blindly. Whatever they say is holy! That also means that the guys who molest will have the guts to molest again because they are not to be blamed at all. After all, it’s we women who go out after certain time and wear western clothes. Rubbish ! All I want to say is GROW UP !! Live and let live !!!

Coming back to the first post of 2017 – I am here again in collaboration with Brass Tacks. The earlier post being Hello Winter Featuring Brass Tacks. The moment is saw this shrug on the rack of their store in Indiranagar, I couldn’t resist but wear it for my blog post. The shrug is made of silk and the structure of the shrug is extremely beautiful.  Need a colour to your black outfit?? Well this artistic throw on cardigan is the best to add. The fabric is a mix of cotton and zari.

Outfit Details –

Shrug – Brass Tacks

Trousers – Brass tacks

Photography – KSLenscapes ( Saikat Das )


Cheers and Wish you a Very Happy New Year !

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