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Curves Are Beautiful Feat. Calae

Yeah ! I may never have a flat stomach or a thigh gap or a round butt or a tiny waist. But I have a heart that can love for miles and a brain that is filled with knowledge and imagination that can dream and hope. That will always be enough for me. It’s not about what size you wear, it’s about how you wear your size.

“Remember feeling good and looking great has nothing to do with dress size and everything to do with the attitude.” – Betty Bee

Finding quality plus size clothes for the curvy that is chic and fashionable could be frustrating and difficult. To ease that, I introduce CALAE ! Not all brands celebrate all sizes and if they do, I am sure they sell out really fast. There have been so many incidents, when I like something online, but later it doesn’t fit well. Everyone has different body shape and structure. Thank god for brands like Calae who encourage curvy women. CALAE is now an establishing wayfarer to the bold, curvy and style-oriented women. They are a one stop shop for every kind of plus size clothing that you will ever need. Allow yourself to get spoilt by numerous choices. Life is so much more beautiful and complex than the number on a scale. Fashion is a state of mind !

I have had so many girls come up to me and ask me about places they could buy clothes from and that made me realise that we had very few brands that make clothes for curvy woman. Some brands make plus size just for the sake of it and the styles are usually boring and old fashioned. With Calae, it’s different ! The first time I surfed their website, I knew it was the best. Not only are they modish but also trendy.

I got this beautiful tribal slit top from Calae’s End of Season Sale Section up-to 68% off . I decided to style it with a slit skirt and an overcoat.

Top – Calae

Skirt – Jabong

Overcoat – Koovs

Photography – Kslenscapes

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Shape your style, exclusively, on http://www.calae.com ! And also there is an end of season sale happening on Calae. They have selected tops, dresses, outerwear on sale. Head to that section now !!

Location Courtesy – Church Street Social

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Cheers !

9 thoughts on “Curves Are Beautiful Feat. Calae”

  1. I was trying to post the comment from the mobile and it was just not letting me.. I think you look very very pretty in this. and not just this but in general I like the way you style yourself.


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