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Bon Appetit Featuring Box8

With the weather acting pricey here, it’s really difficult to think about going out to eat during the daytime. I have been trying to avoid the sun because my skin starts burning the moment I step out. Moreover, I don’t head out of the house without applying sunscreen. How are you tackling this weather?

I love the concept of meal subscriptions or small meal boxes that allows you to carry food and give you the satisfaction of a tiffin box. One such meal box is Box8 – A made in India chain for sumptuous Indian meals. Best idea they ever came out with for people like us who are living away from family and also tired of cooking at home sometimes. We are all trapped by Mc Donald’s and the KFC’s that it was high time a service like this was introduced as an Indian food meal chain. It’s amazing how we have seen technology change everything around us. Hungry? Just download the app and order whatever you feel like eating.

Box8 has a wide range of options when it comes to all-in-one meal box. They have wraps, biryani to proper meal box that includes Indian bread, rice, curry, vegetable and a sweet dish. The packaging of these meal boxes is startling – colorful & impressive. All-in-one meal box consists of a main curry and a side curry along with rice and indian bread, with salad and chutney and also dessert to compliment. The meal boxes are air tight pack which makes it easier to carry the box to work without any leakages.

On a lazy weekend, I and my roommate ordered in an infinite amount of food from Box8. We asked for butter chicken rice, veg meal box, sandwich, chicken salad, chicken biryani, paneer butter masala and choco lava cake. Since it was extremely humid, we also asked for a bottle of ice tea and masala lemonade. The prices are reasonable and the quantity is good enough for two. My favourite among all the dishes ordered was the biryani and the chicken salad. They were appetizing and rich. I can’t resist sweet dish hence got ourselves choco lava cake and a chocolate brownie to end the moreish meal with. We surely had a flavoursome lunch that day.

Recently, the founder of Box8, Mr. Anshul Gupta was interviewed by a journalist. He was asked about the idea behind Box8 and their mission. For which he answered saying “There is a large urban population in metro cities which frequently eats outside, courtesy their lifestyle or living away from family. And we intend to become a ‘go to’ brand for this set of customers.” When it comes to designing of the Box8 menu and Indian palate, the focus lies in preparing food which is delicious, easy on the stomach and made from quality ingredients, allowing the consumers to order food frequently. Box8 offers a fusion of different Indian delicacies like dal, Paneer, rice along with Chatni, salad etc. Wraps, sandwich, and salads in many cases act like an evening or late night snack. Try out Box8 and you will never turn back!















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6 thoughts on “Bon Appetit Featuring Box8”

  1. I don’t know if they do this in Bangalore, but in Mumbai they also have a separate section for packaged food. Has some really interesting and unique cakes and Snacks that I sometimes end up ordering 😀


  2. Yr muh me paani aa gya 😀 Basically I miss Indian food that we get in india, whatever indian restaurant I have tried here has been pathetic! 😦


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