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Pick ’em and Cook ’em

Do you feel exhausted after a long day at work? All you want to do is lay down and watch movies (or Netflix) with some delicious food on your side to munch on. It’s a hassle ordering from different restaurants every day and eventually just gets unhealthy and pricey.  Marinated and frozen healthy food always makes it easier for any lazy person or a working professional to come back home and cook. I rarely cook these days, not that I don’t like cooking or don’t know how to cook. I feel slugging after work to come home and cook the traditional way. By the traditional way I mean, like how our mothers prepare food every day at home for all the members of the family. Hats off to them! I can’t come back home and cut vegetables every day and cook food. That’s why I make sure I have frozen food or already marinated dishes ready to cook. Makes it trouble-free! That’s not it. Even for frozen food and marinated dishes, I would have to go all the way to a supermarket or a frozen food store to buy. Once in a month or Sundays, it’s possible but even frozen food has a time bar.  Yes! I know I sound like a super lethargic human being. Believe me, I know people who don’t even move from their bed the entire day! There are times when you are just tired of eating the staple food. The typical Indian bread, vegetables, and Dal. All you need is some marinated tikkas to spice up your daily routine diet. Food in a way always rejuvenates your soul. Good food choices are good investments.

One weekday, I was in the mood for some tikkas and didn’t want to spend a lot of money ordering the same. Hence decided to store some marinated food so that I could prepare it the way I want to. Search for a marinated food delivery place started. I stumbled upon this website called Brown Apron that provides chicken, mutton, fish, dairy products, cold cuts and ready to cook dishes. I was impressed with the pricing of the products that they provided and placed an order.

I ordered for a platter of marinated chicken tikka which arrived as per the scheduled date and time. Brown Apron marinate and prepares the product you ordered after the order has been placed so that it’s fresh when you receive it. The best part about the ready to cook marinated products are the dips.  Have a party at home and don’t want to spend too much on starters. The ready to cook category fits so well. You can order whatever you want and order their garlic sauce or the salsa mayo dip to go with. Brown Apron got your party starters sorted.

In case this your first time in the ready to cook section, I can help you out with the procedure. Once you have received the marinated item, either grill it or Tawa fry it using little oil on a non-stick pan. I had ordered marinated chicken tikka that approximately had 15 pieces and could serve at least four gluttons like me.


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Processed with VSCO


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Check out the Brown Apron website for more information and let me know what you think about it! Also if you have a party at home or just lazy, you know where to go. Happy Ordering!!

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