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The Perfect Spice

On public demand, I am finally here with a jewelry haul. You can call it “Part 1” because these are just best of the statement neckpieces I own. Spice plays a cardinal part in the Indian Kitchen because spice makes a lot of difference in any dish you make. Similarly, a statement neckpiece always complements the outfit in every way. A statement necklace can make one outfit look different for two different occasions. It’s the most transformative thing you can wear.

The time when I was in college, I was fanatical about fake silver earrings and the oxidized ones. Not that I don’t now, I have a collection of earrings too but I rarely wear them when compared to neckpieces. My typical college outfit was jeans, kurta, kajal and earrings. That was my college attire. Passion for accessories shifted to these statement neckpieces unconsciously. Since then my eyes always went for big & bold statement neckpieces. My dad would always wonder why I needed so many accessories and kept taunting me about opening a shop. He never understood the concept of having so many accessories for just one person. 

When it comes to ethnic wear, I stick to my big statement earrings. The type of jewelry you wear tells a story about you. Now whenever I spot the accessories aisle, I can’t resist myself but buy something that’s unique and one of a kind. A statement piece is that one thing that makes you feel extraordinary.

Accessories are the exclamation mark of a woman – Micheal Kors

Some tips & tricks – A basic tee can transform from day to night outfit with just an addition of a statement neckpiece. Statement neckpiece should be the center of your look, so don’t go all crazy and wear all your favorite pieces at once. Being polished doesn’t have to be boring. You can wear a buttoned up blouse with a blazer, add a statement necklace around the collar. Try mixing up your look with two neckpieces. Maybe a choker and a chain. I personally love the multi-layered necklaces. It looks great on V-neck tops and collared blouses. Always remember to combine the right neckline with the right neckpiece.


Photography – Arjun from PICSPLOT.COM



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Thrift Shop



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From Tjori 


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From All That Is Pretty



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From Forever21



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From Lifestyle 



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Thrift Shop


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What is your favorite accessory that makes you feel extraordinary?

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Cheers !

24 thoughts on “The Perfect Spice”

  1. All are so beautiful ❤️ I liked the first colourful one and the green one from All that is Pretty the most! 😍😍… Can’t wait for part 2!


      1. I think i wasn’t being very clear haha… I meant how do you decide how a necklace matches / clashes with a neckline? I wear a lot of scoop neck and spegetti strap tops, and i love how statement necklaces look on display… But somehow when i put them on I’m just not sure if it works or not.


      2. For scoop neck you can try the simple necklace or chokers. If you want to try something bold. There are blingy string neckpiece you will find online that can go well with scoop neck.


  2. Finally! I love love your collection Anusha! You have inspired me to try and wear some jewelry. I rarely wear any. Cannot wait to see part 2!


  3. If ever I get my hands on your jewellery box…well, one can always dream, right! *sigh*

    P.S.: I am always a sucker for statement necklaces…but nowadays, am gravitating towards chunky earrings a bit too!


  4. I absolutely love seeing the necklaces you wear everytime we meet – and I’m a sucker for statement necklaces too, they’re so versatile!


  5. I personally have not had the guts to wear big bold oxidized ornaments (though i want to) with everyday wear. Will try now.


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