A Thing Called Fashion

Black is Back

Guilty as charged! What can I say! I close deals in black and heels. The more black you wear, the more powerful you look. *wink* *wink* Let me tell you how this happened while I was on a "black clothes ban" for a month now. It's actually a "once upon a time" kinda story. A… Continue reading Black is Back

A Thing Called Fashion

Walking Away feat. Amydus

Cold shoulders are still a rage in the fashion market and looks like it's going to take a long time for it to fade away. It's the best summer trend ever and the most comfortable one indeed. Even if it's cold you can always pair it up with a summer jacket or a shrug and… Continue reading Walking Away feat. Amydus

A Day in My Life

Pizza Hut launches “Start-up Hours” to empower women entrepreneurs

We are all familiar with Pizza Hut. Aren't we? This leading American chain, Pizza Hut recently launched an innovative campaign called "Start-up Hours" in collaboration with Chatur Ideas who are a start-up enabling platform. This campaign is basically a platform for all the women entrepreneurs in Bangalore. Pizza Hut welcomes all inspiring women entrepreneurs in… Continue reading Pizza Hut launches “Start-up Hours” to empower women entrepreneurs

A Thing Called Fashion

The Vitamin Sea Vibe

This was from my birthday trip to Karwar. I know I am late in posting this but blame it on the crazy work I had for a change. If you are a blogger and if you are traveling to a serene location for a holiday or otherwise, the first thing that comes to your mind… Continue reading The Vitamin Sea Vibe