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10 Prettiest Bridal Lehengas of 2017

All this while, I thought that weddings were restricted to only the winter season. With all my friends and cousins getting married, I have realized that there is no such particular season.  Weddings are fun but also stressful when it comes to outfit ideas for every single person.  From the person who’s getting married to the person who is attending it, everyone. This post is about bridal wear that’s trending this year. Mostly the ones that I think is different and should be attempted.

The typical outfit that a bride wears for her wedding is always a red palette sari or lehenga! So keeping that in mind I have listed out 10 trendy bridal-wear outfit ideas. I am a person who likes to try something that’s unique and not a very traditional. If you are someone like me, you will totally love these.

Starting with colors – There are such vibrant colors that we lose out on when we stick to the cultural colors like red and green. What if we tried these modernist bridal wear for the weddings? There are so many things you could do differently with either your dupatta, sari or your lehenga! You get married once right, make it an extraordinary one!! I understand that there is something ethereal about the color red, but we are all for offbeat colors too. Aren’t we?

Ditch the red and go for this bright pink. This graceful lehenga has a double layer that makes it look like a heavy one. The grandeur of this design is magnificent.




If you are ready to change the color palette of your bridal wear then this is just the one you should try. The teal dupatta and fluorescent green are not only one of a kind but idiosyncratic. Some of you might find the reds and the greens very coruscating, hence for those who don’t favor loud color, this is the perfect one!




The third outfit is a combination of an elegant kurta and green designer lehenga. Like I said, anything that’s remarkable always catches my eye. The green and the gold makes it perfect for a bridal wear outfit idea.




If you are an unpretentious person who likes the minimal design and doesn’t get excited by typical ornamented lehengas and saris, then this one is for you! This fusion is basic yet elegant and rich.




The following outfits are the conventional red and blue lehenga with a slight twist in the design to make it a bit contemporary. Sari’s are predominant in southern India when it comes to wedding and bridal wear. There are different ways in which you can drape your sari, unlike the habitual manner. Saris are also Indian women’s favorite outfit, while both sari’s and bridal lehenga have had spectacular variations this year. There are various methods in which you can style a sari like a lehenga.




Gold and red are never out of fashion. The color of bridal wear depends on the preferences of the bride. Red and green are presumed as a pre-eminent combination. Tradition and culture miraculously change the way you look at colors. In India, red is considered as a propitious color and that’s why bridal wear is usually red, pink, maroon etc.

Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comment section below!

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9 thoughts on “10 Prettiest Bridal Lehengas of 2017”

  1. Amazing collection! All the lehenga all really adorable. Especially loved that blue embroidery lehenga. Unique and decent color. I would love to have that one.


  2. Nice post you have posted.
    I really noticed that, there are lots of things that really matter to dress up.
    1. colored
    2. matching of pair
    3. Well Dress up
    4. Nice pose
    5. Beautiful looks
    6. Proper Body Language.
    There are also so many things are really important that really exist in this field.
    In sort, this is very nice and good post.


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