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The Pink Rush

There was a time when I would run away from anything that’s slightly sheer. Life is all about experimenting and the more experiments you do the better. I have been in love with sheer since The Sheer Story. This is my second sheer top that I bought online. This peek-a-boo trend aka sheer trend is killing it this season. From saris to boots, brands have come out with various sheer fashion ideas this season. Sheer garments have taken over this summer.  Sheer is not just about the see through vibe but it personifies fun and sexy both together. It’s impossible to avoid sheer this season. Like they say “It’s all about taking the risky route”.

There are so many ways in which you can style this beautiful pink mesh top. Starting with wide leg pants if you are the 80’s baby or an embroidered lacy short. You can layer it and head out for a fashionable evening. It’s casual and yet so refined. How to wear the sheer is also very important because one wrong step and it will turn into a disaster. There is a thin thread between flattering and shocking! Wear them to flatter and not to shock everyone around you.

If you are not comfortable with transparent ones and still want to try the sheer trend, go for the translucent ones with some work on it. The major pointer that you have to remember is that you need to keep it simple and classy. The moment you overdo sheer it just turns into something crappy and disapproving.

“If you were born to do justice to the unconventional, then abandon the subtle sheers and opt for a bolder look.”

I just realized that I am wearing forever21 from head to toe. Lol!

Photography – Kslenscapes

Outfit Details –

Top – Forever21

Boots – Forever21

Skirt – Forever21














Flaunt those curves you have with sheer outfits this season!

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