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Pizza Hut launches “Start-up Hours” to empower women entrepreneurs

We are all familiar with Pizza Hut. Aren’t we?

This leading American chain, Pizza Hut recently launched an innovative campaign called “Start-up Hours” in collaboration with Chatur Ideas who are a start-up enabling platform. This campaign is basically a platform for all the women entrepreneurs in Bangalore. Pizza Hut welcomes all inspiring women entrepreneurs in Bangalore, to work from their outlet, network with people, discuss new innovative ideas and avail all the facilities of pizza hut. Women entrepreneurs can use the temporary work station at Pizza Hut outlets in Bangalore from Monday to Thursday, 11am-6pm. Not just that, Pizza Hut has a special menu for all the women entrepreneurs. This special menu is available at Rs. 199 which includes appetizer, beverage, and main course. You can enjoy pizza at a discounted price.

The “Start-up Hours” was launched on the 19th July at Fortune JP Cosmos, Sigma Mall. Like I mentioned earlier, Pizza Hut has launched this campaign in partnership with Chatur Ideas who offer holistic start up services to empower women to build a profitable start up. There are times when start ups don’t work out well because you don’t get that kind of motivation at the right time. Chatur ideas is that push at the right time. The services offered by Charur ideas include mentoring programs, raising funds, entrepreneurship training, building networks etc. A lot of women entrepreneurs were invited to this event who are already associated with Chatur Ideas to inspire and talk about innovation.


Mr. Prashant Gaur, Chief Brand Officer said “Pizza Hut believes in Innovation, and we want to encourage and celebrate that spirit. One of the ways is to support and nurture entrepreneurship.”

Pizza Hut has always encouraged and celebrated women and their achievements. Last year, the company saluted the heroic efforts of Sakshi and Sindhu at the Rio Olympics.






What do you think about “Start-up Hours”?

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7 thoughts on “Pizza Hut launches “Start-up Hours” to empower women entrepreneurs”

  1. I’m in love with the concept itself!!
    Thanks for enlightening 👍🏼 I wish this was also valid for the Pizza Huts of my state!!


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