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Another Way To Style Your Saree – Diwali 2017 Edition

Wishing you a Happy Diwali glowing with peace, joy, and prosperity. As we brace ourselves for the beautiful festival of light which is right around the corner, I am sure some of us are clueless about what to wear this Diwali. Just in case if you are wondering what I am up to, I am… Continue reading Another Way To Style Your Saree – Diwali 2017 Edition

A Thing Called Fashion

Back In Time

Are you old school or new school? Have you wondered how much of you is classic and how much is contemporary? Well, I am partially old school especially when it comes to relationships and the way I try my level best to keep the bond strong. That also defines me as a keeper, with respect to… Continue reading Back In Time

A Thing Called Fashion

It Was All Yellow feat. Amydus

While I stick to being super lazy because of the gloomy weather that Bangalore has been treating us with for some time now, I just realized that I have a few pending posts and some outfit shoots to complete. But unfortunately, shooting for the outfit post outside on the street isn't an option. The struggle that… Continue reading It Was All Yellow feat. Amydus

A Thing Called Fashion

The Fusion

Prints are great but there is something about solid colours that speaks for itself. Personal style changes from person to person and city to city. Fashion Weeks are something I look forward to virtually. You might have seen me in darker shades of black and grey for the longest time but I would be the… Continue reading The Fusion

A Thing Called Fashion

How To Style Dhoti Pants for Two Different Occasions

By now, you would have noticed my love for Dhoti pants. There are different ways you can style them effortlessly. In an old post, I had paired these pants with a leather jacket for a grunge look. They are not only super comfortable but these pants also add that Indian tinge to your western outfit. The… Continue reading How To Style Dhoti Pants for Two Different Occasions

A Day in My Life

Pizza Hut launches “Start-up Hours” to empower women entrepreneurs

We are all familiar with Pizza Hut. Aren't we? This leading American chain, Pizza Hut recently launched an innovative campaign called "Start-up Hours" in collaboration with Chatur Ideas who are a start-up enabling platform. This campaign is basically a platform for all the women entrepreneurs in Bangalore. Pizza Hut welcomes all inspiring women entrepreneurs in… Continue reading Pizza Hut launches “Start-up Hours” to empower women entrepreneurs

A Thing Called Fashion

Tunic Praxis feat. Calae

There was a time in college when my wardrobe was only filled with Kurtas and tunics. Fabindia was my second home then. I have seen this brand change drastically in all these years. That was the time when tunic and cotton kurtas were affordable in FabIndia but now a simple pattern kurta is not less… Continue reading Tunic Praxis feat. Calae

My Favourites

Debunking Shaving Myths

Since the time I started waxing, I was always told that shaving was bad for my skin. Everyone around me also thought shaving made hair grow faster and thicker, which is a myth and not true at all. The growth of hair depends on your genetics and hormones. When I was in college, shaving was… Continue reading Debunking Shaving Myths

A Thing Called Fashion

Detail Makes The Difference

CREATIVITY Boosts Just when it seemed it couldn't get any better, given the difficult economic context, weavers are again outdoing each other in creativity and inventiveness, Displaying Superlative technical expertise, fabrics for Summer 2017 were mouth watering in their creativity and innovation - Sometimes exceptional It was this creativity that boosted Milano Unica and Première… Continue reading Detail Makes The Difference

A Thing Called Fashion

That Blue Dress Featuring Afamado

The struggle to find that perfect dress is real. I know the scuffle that we go through when in need.  I am inclined to long bodycon dresses because it emphasises on my curves and also love the concept. There have been so many websites and stores I have surfed for that perfect wine & dine dress.… Continue reading That Blue Dress Featuring Afamado