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A pink bodycon dress was all I wanted and finally, I found one on Zaful. Before getting into the outfit details and style I wanted to talk about my journey so far.

The Small Town Blogger was a fine decision I made. It started as a travel and food blog and later turned into fashion and lifestyle with fashion taking over most part of The Small Town Blogger. I was initially very skeptical about starting a blog and sharing my pictures on Instagram but the confidence just kept building up post after post. A few months later I met few amazing bloggers Ishtyleawhile, FashionandFrappes, HuesofMe, Styleprism, and AddictedShades who helped me understand the community better. We were and are a bunch of bloggers who always help each other when it comes to brand collaboration and blog ideas. And I think that’s how a community should be – Transparent & Supportive. Currently, in the blogosphere, everyone wants to run over the other for some weird reason which I don’t understand and still am clueless. A blog is your personal space and that’s why it’s called “A Personal Blog”. It’s your style and your diary. Why copy?

Another major concern is followers and engagement – If you want to work on your engagement, I can understand. As a blogger, you have to work on your social media engagement to reach more audience and it’s very difficult but buying followers is not an answer to that! For example, in case you just started your blog two months back and decided to buy followers because all you want is a brand collaboration with A class brands, you are not a blogger. You are just a person with money. Understand? If you follow the right path and grow organically, not only do people recognize your work but brands desperately will get in touch with you for work and that my friend is always satisfying!

I do get emails from random communities to buy followers, but I have never bought any. My engagement on social media fluctuates every day but I stay calm and let it go because my blog is my only concern. There are times when I have promoted the post on social media but frankly speaking, I didn’t gain anything. The audience that I got via “promote button” wasn’t the audience I wanted on my feed and most of the time these people don’t even understand what a blogger does! So yeah! There are times when glamour and brand turns you into a greedy scavenger and that is what leads to inorganic reach.

Coming to the post – Light colors are my nemesis except for whites. A light color would always make me look bloated and that always bothered me. Since I was looking for colors, I decided to try out this peachy pink bodycon dress for a change.  The material was super delicate and soft, unlike other bodycon dresses. Here in this post, I have kept it simple and modish.


Photography – Arjun and Chaya from PICSPLOT.COM

Outfit Details –

Dress  – Zaful

Accessory – Alankara India

Heels – Westside Stores














Location Courtesy – XU Bar & Kitchen, Bangalore

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27 thoughts on “That Small Town Blogger”

  1. Girl.. I love how honest you are with ur post. And everything about brand and buying followers is so true. I love ur style.. You are gorgeous! Stay the same! ❤


  2. Felt like you read my mind. I agree to every bit of your word. And yes, you have made it big and I am really glad to have not only met you but be so close. ❤️ And you look lovely in the dtrss.


  3. I really admire you and styleprism, for your honesty and love for other bloggers. I love the part where you mention ‘bloggers’ as community.
    Besides that I love your work, your personal style and this dress looks so divine on you. Plus the photography is such a treat to the eyes.
    This piece of work absolutely touches my heart.


  4. I absolutely love this! It feels like you read my mind. Im so happy to have met you guys and really that the only reason I attend events these days is to hang out with the girls 😛
    This color looks great on you btw, the dress is a great find! I’m tempted to get one for myself 😀


  5. 1. That dress is stunning! You look so nice in pastel hues…you should try them more often!!
    2. However fake/superficial/competitive/ugly the blogging community gets, we’ll always have each others’ backs…right? The best part about my blog is that it gave me friends like you all! ❤


  6. Totally agree with u on this. It takes so much of efforts to create something different on the blog. And paid audience can never understand that. You totally nailed this one. So much of truth with a lot of strength 👍😊 keep Glittering. Love TGA by Misha💕


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