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Wake Me Up For The Sunday Brunch

Yes! I am back again with a post after the long weekend. When I left Bangalore for the long weekend, it was raining heavily every single day making everything gloomy and difficult. The weather was way better than what it is now and the city is not helping me get over the sweater weather that was in The Princess of Hills. Well, that’s what they call Kodaikanal. The sad part is it’s just Wednesday and have a long way to go for the weekend. It’s amazing how 2017 has passed so fast (literally in the blink of an eye). I still freshly remember my Benaras trip last new year and it felt like it was just yesterday! And here I am planning my next new year trip. Sadly we are almost at the end of 2017 with things just like how it was last year. Nothing has changed!**At least in my case**

In a new city or a new town you travel to, the only way to discover it and see the beauty is by walking down the footpath. Observing every passing vehicle, listening to the men and women in the corner shop while they take a puff, the climate and the hawkers. I am an observant person and make stories about everything I see in my head. Always a funny one! Even on my way to work, the traffic signal stops are my favourites places to create stories about people and wonder what they are up to. Don’t you do that? Make good stories in your head to entertain yourself?

On a different note, I got this nautical blue off-shoulder dress from Afamado and decided to style it in an old-school way. I paired this off-shoulder dress with a red pair of heels and a red sling bag to get that Audrey Hepburn feel. it’s not as ultimate as her style of dressing but the combination is almost similar. Adding a bit of retro touch with that bow red pair of heels to change the outfit details into a vintage-inspired look rather than a casual outfit for a Sunday brunch. Timeless and classic dresses are always in fashion but it also depends on the way you carry it. Someone like PlumpToPretty can totally slay those outfits effortlessly. From her hair to the outfit, everything shouts classy and retro.

This dress from Afamado came with a high side slit and a belt to tie it around your waist. I think the outfit is a vintage-inspired piece and like they say old is the ‘new’ new my friend!


Photography – Kslenscapes

Outfit Details –

Dress – Afamado

Heels – Gifted

Bag – Coach














I need a “Roman Holiday”.

Location Courtesy – The Courtyard House

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19 thoughts on “Wake Me Up For The Sunday Brunch”

  1. Totally agree with your way of travel. How else will it be an experience? 🙂 And you lady are extremely pretty! Killer eyes bud! 🙂


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