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Five Things To Do In Kodaikanal

Bangalore is close to a lot of beautiful places and one such place is Kodaikanal – The Princess of hills. Kodaikanal and Wayanad were two places I had not been to and was on the top of the list. The moment I realised that I had a long weekend, I knew what the destination was going to be. I was clueless as to what to do in Kodaikanal but the moment I reached the city, everything was planned and sorted out.

So I decided to make a To-Do list to make it easier for someone who is travelling to Kodaikanal.


  • Rent a Bicycle To Ride Around The Kodai Lake

The Kodai Lake is a beautiful manmade lake that has various activities to do if you are around that place. Renting a bicycle is one of them. They have a cycle stand around the lake with different type of cycles to choose from. The renting club also has those two seaters and three seaters Golmaal cycles to rent. I didn’t go for it but noticed everyone on the cycle having the time of their life, so I am guessing it was worth it. Best time to cycle around the lake is early in the morning around 8am because later the traffic kicks in and makes it miserable to cycle around.



  • Walk Down The 7 Junction Road

Kodaikanal has some amazing food joints to go to. Make sure you go to PT Road which is at the 7 junction road. The lane opposite to Kodaikanal Internation School has restaurants like the famous cloud street, the royal Tibetian restaurant, Cafe Cariappa etc. A vacation always calls for some amazing food. Ten degrees on PT road is a new restaurant that you should try if you haven’t been to this place. Cloud Street has some amazing Italian dishes to vouch for and in case you are looking for a cosy setting to chill then, Cafe Cariappa is the place to go. The other side of this road has a chocolate factory shop and an age-old bakery that sells pastries and plum cakes.



Cloud Street
Cloud Street on PT Road


  • Vettakanal

This peaceful place is 6km away from the centre of Kodaikanal. The best place to be if you want a mountain view and in case you have time to sit back and watch the sunset, this is where you should be! People come here to trek up and down to see the dolphin nose but I decided to chill at a cafe that overlooked the misty mountains. They also have the highly rated Mediterranean place called Altaf’s in the lane that leads you to the Dolphin’s Nose.


View from Above & Beyond cafe
View from Above & Beyond Cafe



  • Boating At The Lake

Like I mentioned earlier, the Kodaikanal lake has everything to keep you entertained for an entire day. This lake also has a boating club where you can either let the boatman row the boat for you or you could paddle away around the lake in a group of four for good 2 hours. There are few hotels around the lake that has their own boats too.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


  • Go For The Coaker’s Walk

Coaker’s walk is basically a walk with a view through the misty clouds. It’s a 10min walk with eateries on the left. You enter from one side of the gate and exit from another. Not a long pathway at all. It’s all about the valley and the mountain view.


Details of my Kodaikanal trip coming up soon.

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  1. Thanks for sharing ! Whenever visiting these tips will help

    Ankita | Beautistaa.com | Fashion & Beauty


  2. Never been to Kodaikanal and never thought it existed until now.. I am going to consider going to this place for my next trip..lovely tips and pictures ❤


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