A Thing Called Fashion

Dream On.

We always ask a kid what she or he wants to be when they grow up! But have you ever asked a grown-up what she or he actually wanted to be but unfortunately had to choose something totally different than what they had dreamt about. We all wanted to be something or someone in particular. It’s fascinating when you register things like how your dream might be someone’s job and someone’s job is your dream. That’s how the world plays!

I live in a residential area in Bangalore, where you walk past dog walkers, vegetable hawkers, flower sellers etc on the road while you rush to work. I am a dog lover and every time I see those dog walkers walking those beautiful and huggable pups, I wish I was a dog walker (at least for few hours in a day, if not a permanent job). Things as simple as that is still a dream.

There were a lot of things I wanted to be when I was a kid just like any other kid. Starting from air hostess, an astronaut, journalist, fashion designer/stylist etc. The list went on and on. The moment you grow up you realise that things aren’t easy as you thought or were told it would be. Quoting this age-old phrase – Grass is always greener on the other side. Now, All I want is to go back to college or school (I don’t mind studying again) and when I was a kid, I would dream about being financially independent and live on my own. Growing up is a tough job but worth it at the end.

~~This is The Small Town Blogger – Story about a dreamer who finally took a step forward and did what she loved.

Photography – Arjun and Chaya from PICSPLOT.COM

Outfit Details –

Top  – H&M

Palazzos – Splash Fashion

Earrings – MyMeeraStore  

Heels – StreetStyleStore






Later in life blogging happened. Nothing out of the blue! I used to scribble but nothing professionally. I don’t really remember how I got the courage to actually start a blog page and start it. Obviously, I was petrified and didn’t know what will happen next. Criticism started pouring in from every corner. Surprisingly, my close friends and family got the hang of it, supported me and gave me good advice on how to improve. So far, my friend, I am having a time of my life. Sadly, blogging is running in the wrong direction because of all the social media algorithm going higgledy-piggledy. I and many other bloggers have spoken about it. All I want to say is, don’t spoil the platform for others and let’s grow together. I am sure by now you would have figured out blogging isn’t an easy job at all.

The message that I want to spread via this post is that you have to turn your can’t-s into can-s! Go after your dream, no matter how attainable other’s think it is.

Outfit Details  –

Dress  – Koovs

Shrug – Forever21

Earrings – MyMeeraStore  

Heels – StreetStyleStore







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