A Thing Called Fashion

The Endless Affair

~ A girl and her accessories are an endless affair ~

I met some amazing people after I came to Bangalore for studies. Most of them applied Kohl/Kajal and I loved the way their eyes looked. That is when I started wearing Kajal every day without fail and then there was no looking back. I am obsessed with Kajal and it’s that one thing that I always carry with me. Everyone in college had a unique style of dressing. Short kurtas from westside were pretty reasonable then (student friendly) and I had their entire collection (70%). So my basic style in college was a short kurta, paired up with jeans, kajal and fake silver earrings. Yes! So before I turned into a statement neckpiece connoisseur, I had a fetish for oxidised earrings. My tiny little hostel closet would have boxes full of earrings. Later in life when I discovered the beauty of statement neckpieces, the boxes increased but with more statement neckpieces.

Dressing up is not just about the outfit, it’s also about the accessories that go with it. Statement neckpieces work like magic and there is always room for more. Statement jewellery has trended for a very long time and I am sure it’s going to stay for long too. The right neckpiece can bring an outfit to next level. I have an activity for you! Just try it at home before heading out because I don’t want to be blamed just in case if the magic didn’t work. Which is a rare scene! Take out the most boring outfit you own from your wardrobe and add a statement neckpiece to it. Voila! See the magic? You can thank me later. *wink* *wink*.

Never fails.

It was love at first sight. This neckpiece and me! No kidding. The moment I saw this piece, I knew how I could bring out the best of the magnificent neckpiece. So, I paired it up with a plain white shirt from Zaful. You would have seen this shirt in my street style post. A glamourous neckpiece like this can transform any plain shirt into something special and that is what happened here too.

Meera Store is a world full of alluring stone jewellery. Don’t forget to check their Instagram store.


Photography – Arjun and Chaya from PICSPLOT.COM

Outfit Details –

Shirt  – Zaful

Palazzos – Splash Fashion

Neckpiece – MyMeeraStore  














Do send or tag me in your pictures when you try the activity I mentioned above.

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