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New Years Outfit Idea #1

I know I am a few weeks early with the “New Year Party Outfit Ideas” series but I decided to style different outfits for this new years the entire December. Starting the first post this month with the colour black.

The new year is fast approaching and it was high time to start thinking about the new year plan and outfits. At the end, even if you haven’t planned anything, you always end up in some party or the other. Isn’t that true? Dressing up is a major part of celebrating the new years, believe it or not. If there is just one single day you can turn flashy and dramatic, it’s the new years. Firstly, take advantage of all the sale that is happening in your city. Secondly, you could use google or blog posts to scoop out some spectacular outfit ideas. You can always follow the blogger trends that you might find easily on various social media for ideas.

There are times when you want to keep the outfit a little low-key and in that case, you can try out a simple black dress, like the one I have styled below. It’s super easy to style. If you find the dress just too plain then you can always add a pop of colour or a statement necklace/earrings. I paired it with my LED blue sneakers from Koovs and pinned a pair of colourful pom pom earrings as a brooch. A fun bright shoe always turns the outfit into a fancy one. Black is one such colour that is powerful and bold. There is something about black as if you are hidden away in it. Very mysterious!

I have spoken about the brand Afamado in my earlier posts as well. They get the right fit for you. Afamado customises the outfit you choose according to the measurements you give them, which makes it easier for stylish curvy women to try everything that’s trendy!

Photography – Arjun and Chaya from PICSPLOT.COM

Outfit Details –

Dress – Afamado Style

Earrings as Brooch – Gifted

LED Shoes – Koovs







Hope you found my post interesting!

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