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10 Things To Do In Kochi

I shall get into the things you must do in Kochi without any further ado.



1. Go for a walk in the lanes of Mattancherry and Kochi’s famous spice market.

Our boutique hotel in Kochi was situated in Mattancherry in the midst of the busiest spice markets of Kochi. The moment we entered the road, we could inhale the strong aroma of turmeric, chilli, and other spices.

2. Head to Fort Kochi for some quaint & artistic cafes.

Fort Kochi has some amazing cafes in every nook and corner of each and every lane. You can either use Zomato or the internet to know more about these beautiful cafes. The best way is to walk around Fort Kochi, especially if the weather is good.

3. Must Visit Kashi Art Cafe for it’s Appam and Stew.

This was a must visit. The decor and the ambience is Instagram friendly. I have had appam and stew before but this was one of the best.

4. After a long day, head to The Tea Pot Cafe to relax.

The tea pot cafe is another popular cafe in Fort Kochi. The cafe is very old fashioned and reminds you old Portuguese houses. You will find tea pots from different countries and in various design in this cafe.

5. Make sure you hire a boat or ferry to sail in and around the port.

Our boutique hotel had the sea view and was conveniently connected to the port which made it easier for us to hire their own ferry in the morning. We spotted two dolphins while we were sailing.

6. The actual place to shop is in the lanes of Jew Town.

From the famous Kerala saris to boutique stores, they had them all. I found treasures in this lane. A must visit for all the shoppers!

7. View the famous Chinese fishing nets.

These fishing nets are unusual and different from the regular fishing nets that you find in other cities in India. The process is worth a watch.

8. Walk around Fort Kochi to witness the amazing wall art and graffiti.

9. If you love home decor, antiques stores in Fort Kochi is where you should be.

This tiny little town is filled with amazing home decor. I saw some stunning earthen utensils, vintage furniture, colourful door knobs, Old frames posters, etc.

10. Go to the Fort Kochi Beach for a beach walk. 

There are tiny little islands in and around Kochi if you are looking at private beaches. We didn’t have enough time to see these beautiful beaches. The Fort Kochi beach is a commercialised beach and at a walk-able distance





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Hope you liked the post!

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8 thoughts on “10 Things To Do In Kochi”

  1. You should also go to the Gujarati area in Mattancherry and get hold of some of the famous savouries like ghattia when you are there..great post😄


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