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What Clothes To Pack When You Are Travelling

There have been times when I just wonder for an entire day about what clothes to pack. When you travel, there are so many do’s and don’ts that you have to consider according to the place you are travelling too. This is one of the reason why I thought I should write a post on what to pack when you are unsure about the destination’s surrounding and culture. And how you pack plays a big role in the outcome of your trip!

Especially when you live in Bangalore, weekend getaways are easy to plan. With coastal area few hours away, we think all beaches are Goa like but they aren’t. The culture and the people are different from beach to beach and from state to state. Goa and Gokarna might be similar but places like Kochi, Karwar, Mangalore etc are not so cool comparatively. Hence, the clothes that you pack also changes.

If you are unsure what to pack and still want to look modish and trendy, make sure you carry the right outfit so that you are prepared and happy. So here are few things that you have to make sure to pack –

  • Shrug – The most essential apparel that you should pack. No matter what, it always helpful and safe to carry one.
  • LBD – Actually not just a long black dress but make sure you carry atleast one maxi dress. What if the site you go to doesn’t allow short outfits or people around are not used to the beach wear. Maxi dresses are light to carry too.
  • Cotton Pants – If you are travelling to a tropical destination, jeans is the least preferred outfit (atleast for me). Cotton pants are perfect and supremely comfortable when you are travelling. There are such amazing summer cotton pants in various colours.
  • Jacket/Shawl – In case the temperature changes it’s mind.
  • A Long Sleeved Shirt or T-Shirts – The current trend is of tank tops and crop tops but there are times when a T-shirt can also be styled like a crop top and when necessary can be styled as a plain T shirt on pants, skirts or tops. Another essential apparel to pack.

You don’t need much space to pack these essential in your suitcase because all them are light weight, except for the jacket maybe.

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