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5 Shoes Every Woman Should Have

Just like clothes, even your shoe wardrobe should have few staple essentials. It is always tempting to pile up different and shiny shoes but do you think that can save you from the-which-shoe-should-I-wear-moments?

We have all watched Sex and The City million times and envy Carrie Bradshaw’s wardrobe, especially her shoe collection. Let’s get real, most of us have a budget limit to spend on shoes. Don’t we? You might have a huge collection of shoes but are you sure if it would go with every occasion or outfit! Also, if you are a person who thinks shoes aren’t that important, then you are wrong. You need to head out and get yourself these staple shoe essentials. Trust me, it will save your life and time.

  • First thing first, a classic and comfortable sneaker is a must have. Sneaker is casual and chic. These days everyone prefers sneaker over heels.
  • Flats are perfect footwear to walk in if you are walking down to your nearest coffee shop or grocery store and not to forget how comfortable they are. If you live in places that has humid and sultry weather conditions, this is a saviour.
  • Mules are not only popular but fashionable too. They are smart and a perfect work wear. You can either go for mules or ballerinas for daily work foot wear. It gives your outfit a chic flair.
  • Nude heels are a perfect leg lengtheners. Simple! It goes with every outfit that you have in your wardrobe.
  • Last but not the least, oxfords. They add a lot of drama to you outfit. If you love wearing indo western outfits like me, try styling these shoes with your outfit.

I hope these essentials help you organise your shoe wardrobe better. Also, don’t forget to share you shoe essentials with me!



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1 thought on “5 Shoes Every Woman Should Have”

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