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Common Crisis Faced by Urban Indians

A movie that makes you realize the ugly truth about life – Saat No. Shanatan Sanyal. In this world of competition, we forget to live the life we really want or sometimes take the wrong route to achieve what we want in a short span of time. This movie brilliantly explains the common crisis that the urban Indians face that we don’t see. 

The story-line of this movie talks about all seven namesakes Shanatan Sanyal in the city. The characters of each Shanatan is different from others and speaks about all the common crisis that the current generation or so-called Urban Indians deal with. A movie that will trigger your soul. 

We all have been asked to prepare for the government exams because they say life is simpler. The perks and job security of a government job cannot be matched with a private one. The lifestyle the urban Indians are a part of pushes them to jump from one organization to another for a higher salary package and better manner of living. It’s so easy to be kicked out from a private job that a lot of times, we are so clueless with our life. Which again results in debts and living the high life in a poor man’s way. Some of us stay away from our family to earn that extra money to live a better life. 

There is a well-known phrase that says “Patience Is Virtue” which the urban Indians have forgotten. The friend circle that we build now is only built on the basis of standards, needs and wants compared to the actual friendship. Even when it comes to relationships, we would rather move on than work on it and make sure things get better. 

Saat No. Shanatan Sanyal is a psychological thriller Bengali movie based on a man called Shanatana, a perfume salesman who meets seven other Shanatan Sanyal in the city. The actual thrill begins when each of the seven clients starts disappearing one by one. The movie starts with a man standing beside a railway track and the running train that reflects his dark presence. The mystery builds up here.  Overall the teaser shows how the leading character stands in front of all the seven namesake’s house as an obstacle in their life because of his mental behavior. The ‘Aator’ or the scent seems to hold great symbolism in this movie. Apart from the scent, the movie is full of such symbols which depict the inner restlessness of the protagonist. 

Annapurna Basu has managed to make an intriguing and alerting movie for the audience who also face these common man issues. Kaushik Ganguly’s presence in this movie has increased the expectation of the movie based on all his past projects and brilliant screen presence. He has always been amazing at portraying a middle-class man with issues just like in this movie. 

Do not miss watching this thriller mystery that is Saat No. Shanatan Sanyal on ZEE5.

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