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Basics Of Eyeliner

Let’s talk about this product. There are so many makeup tutorials that involve eyeliner in some way or the other (also in a no-makeup makeup tutorial). The magic of the eye make-up is actually in the eyeliner. You can go for a subtle look, wider eye, smoky or bold one with just a single product. All you need is practice because practice makes everyone perfect. I am still learning how to make a winged eyeliner and the funny part is that I have been applying Kajal since college which a really long time and still find it difficult to apply eyeliner with any flaw.
Did you know that there were three types of eyeliners in the market? These different types of eyeliners have different result and texture. Each one of them is obviously different from the other and has a different technique too.

The main types are:

Pencil or Stick Eyeliner – The one we all started with also the easiest of them all. Most of the pencil ones need to be sharpened if you require a sleek and thin line over the eye otherwise it can make your eyes look bolder than normal. The stick ones can’t be sharpened but it works well with people who want a bold smoky eye.

Gel Eyeliner – The next type of eyeliner that was launched was the gel type eyeliner that came with a brush or a stylus type pen. This needed practice for sure. Gel eyeliner had a creamy texture that gave a thick and dark color on the eyes.

Liquid Eyeliner – Liquid ones always need a steady hand. Impossible to use it if you are in a hurry. There are various colors too now in liquid eyeliner range.

Everyone needs one for sure. For example, my mother finds it easy to use a gel eyeliner than a stick but I stick to a pencil or a stick eyeliner since it’s easier. If you have never used one, you can always try all of them at a friend’s place and choose your preference.

You can brighten up your eyes or color them however you want based on your mood. Here is a chart to show you the basic eyeliner designs that you can create with eyeliner. Is that amazing! Creativity is a spectacular art and with growing creative ideas, there are few experimental designs too that have seen the light of the social media world.

Basic Eyeliner Chart


Designer Eyeliner Chart



Keep in mind that you learn from your mistakes hence make sure you have swabs with you while you practice your eyeliner designs because rubbing it off with your finger will ruin it even more (talking from experience).

Some Tips & Tricks

1. There are so many innovative ways with creating the designs and one of the most essential beauty product that you require is a post-it sheet or a beauty tape to create designs. These essentials will help you create a perfect flawless cat eye or winged eye with eyeliner. You can also put a business card in the corner of your eye to get the design. Million ways!

2. If smudging is a major problem with you, let it dry for about a minute or tap a bit of compact on it and reapply the eyeliner.

3. Eyeliners are a basic makeup product that people have been using since 80’s, 90s’s and now. This is a product worth mastering. And you can easily buy eyeliner online and at a very reasonable price after comparing all your favorite brands.
Hope you liked the post and I hope this helps!




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