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Get Anything Delivered in a Click with DUNZO

We live in a generation where getting anything is just one click away, all thanks to the boom in technology. There is a pool of apps for every possible service and product in our country. And one such app that has created a stir in the major cities is the Dunzo App!

For people who aren’t aware of Dunzo,  – it was founded in 2015 by a quartet of youngsters in Bangalore. Dunzo allows one to find people who are willing to run any type of errands – be it rounding out shopping lists, gifts, online cake delivery in Bangalore or picking up and dropping off chargers/wallets forgotten at home. Now, “Let’s Dunzo it” is every household’s story. Dunzo has made life easier for people like us who have a 9 to 9 job and don’t have the energy or time to head out and run those errands. 

People might think that this app doesn’t or wouldn’t work but this application is a rage among the youngsters in the major cities. Dunzo tries its level best to complete the task faster than expected. It’s currently operational in Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon. Frankly speaking, it does save a lot of time if that errand is handed over to the Dunzo guys and meanwhile you could do something else alternatively. 

Let me share my Dunzo story with you that made me fall in love with this app. 

Unfortunately, I was tied up at work and couldn’t leave early to order a cake. The cake that I wanted to get for my husband was home-baked and couldn’t be ordered online via other apps and the order had to be placed in person at the store. I tried my level best and asked her to book it on WhatsApp or call instead, to make my life easy. Thankfully, she did and I promised her that I would pick up the cake on my way back home. Emotions run high when you are having a bad day, I was emotionally angry and helpless. I was already late to the party, my 2-wheeler broke down and it was raining like crazy making it more difficult to find an auto or a cab. This is when Dunzo came to my rescue with their gifts category for emergency gifting solutions which gives online cake delivery in Bangalore, from some of the best bakehouses in the city. It instantly brought me joy and happiness. I selected the bake house and the cake that I wanted, it also had an option to add a message. Altogether, everything fell back into their respective place and I was ready for the party with the cake. 

Phew! Dunzo, my darling! You have my heart. 

If Dunzo is in your city and you haven’t tried the app yet, I hope this post helps you change your mind. Apart from online cake delivery in Bangalore, you can also order other various products. Also, people who have used the app, please feel free to share your story with Dunzo below!



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