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Tips On How To Make Dresses Out Of Indian Outfits

Transforming my old Indian Clothes to dresses for women and men has been one of the best finds of my life. The only thing that you need is a good tailor who understands the design and style you want them to stitch. The moment you find that one tailor, you can recycle and re-wear your favourite fabric forever. Repurposing has been one of the most talked-about issues in the slow fashion movement and sustainable living. However, thanks to the lockdown in India, most of us have rarely gone out shopping, which has made a lot of us think about the number of clothes that are lying in the closet and not worn for a very long time. 

It started with my mother restyling and repurposing her mother’s sari into a silky Mumtaz style tight dress, which I later got to wear for a short time. I love the concept of handing me over clothes and fabrics which come with memories attached. 

Dresses for women in Indian clothes are more accessible for design and style with any Indian fabric than outfits for men. But that fashion trend is also changing in India with all fantastic androgynous style diaries on social media. This is because there are so many ways you can mix and match Indian print for western outfits. 

I have turned my friend’s new chiffon sari into dhoti pants for an indo-western vibe, which my style talks about. Chiffon saris can also be re-stitched as a long gown or a dress for a date evening. Saris are six-foot feet long and can be reused in multiple designs like western skirts, dresses for women and blouses. 

We all know that most wedding outfits are impossible to wear back on regular occasions. However, I did find an idea to wear the ghagra as skirts for Indian festivities that don’t require too much glam. Pair it up with a plain shirt and a statement necklace, and you are good to go! Ghagras are themselves so heavy that you don’t need too much to pair them with. Please keep it simple! The wedding blouses can always be reused as a crop top or a blouse for plain simple sarees. The best mix of Indian and western I would say.

Those heavy and banarasi or Kanchi sarees make the best dresses for small festivities or celebrations at home or with your friends. I would any day wear clothing with Indian print for these occasions rather than those traditional ethnic wear. More functional and helps me stay sane. 

We always run out of options of wearing something grand and bright when it comes to Indian occasions, and I think this is the best way to handle a situation by transforming dresses for women. The Indian prints are unique and bohemian when turned into a dress. You could pair it with sneakers on a day trip with your friends or change into heels for an occasion at work or otherwise. Sometimes paisley or an ajrak print changes the entire aura of a dress when worn on occasions.


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