Five Tips to Select Your Honeymoon Dress

It’s raining weddings everywhere. Wedding planning might sound like the most difficult occasion to plan and organise, but I think outfits to wear during the wedding and honeymoon dress are the most difficult to shop for. There is no doubt on how much the entire wedding shenanigans might drain you emotionally, but in the end, you get to relax and rejuvenate at a picturesque location. This trip is obviously not like any other vacation that you take or pack; you try your level to make it extra special in every possible way. 

The most important part is your outfit game (can’t leave it to the end). 

I was wondering what to wear for your honeymoon? Well, with the huge number of options on the world wide web, I will try to make your life easier.

Tip1 # Pack Right 

I always pack at the last minute and later bang my head to the wall during these vacations. Make a list ALWAYS! Depending on the location you are going to, select the kind of silhouettes you would be comfortable in and look fab. Do not compromise on your honeymoon dress. 

Tip2 # Honeymoon Accessories

Accessories might be the last thing on your mind right now, but it’s one of the most essential. Tropical climate needs a hat and sunglasses, whereas cold climate would need a shawl or a poncho. Also, not just that your jewellery and shoes also matter a lot. It will definitely help your honeymoon dress to look great! 

Tip3# Honeymoon Dresses

You would know the schedule of the trip by now. With that information, make sure you have your summer dress or woollen t-shirt dress for your day trips, a fancy dinner outfit for those romantic candlelight dinners, casual tees and comfortable bottoms to re-style and re-wear. 

Tip4 # Honeymoon Lingerie

The lightest of them all! One or two cute and sexy satin co-ord set or baby doll dress would be enough to pack for your honeymoon. Most of the time, if you choose the right dress or nightwear, you can wear it numerous amounts of time later in life without feeling guilty. Good lingerie and nightwear always make you feel good when you slip into it. 

Tip5 # Honeymoon Swimwear

In my head, a honeymoon without a pool sounds impossible. If not, just in case, always carry a onesie or a bikini. Not just as swimwear, but you can always style it as a top with a bottom. I always carry two or three swimwear with me: One Bikini Set and Two One piece. Also, if you are a shy kind, you can always have a bohemian cover-up to wrap around your body for your comfort or for the time when you are not in the pool or water. Swimwear always doubles up as great outfits to wear. You will be surprised! (Cover photo for reference)

There you go! These are five tips that should help you in packing for your upcoming honeymoon. Always remember to pick up the best quality so that the same can go a long way for you and not just this trip of yours. Capsule wardrobes are trending these days.


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