Tips to Renovate Your House Beautifully Yet Economically

Coming to a space that makes you feel comfortable and happy is all we need. During the pandemic, I have tried multiple DIY home decor ideas for my apartment. From painting, clay making, embroidery to those trending viral DIYs, I tried them all. For someone who loves decorating a house would know the tips and tricks. The smallest detail can change the way your corner or space can look. You don’t have to shell out loads of money just to make your house look beautiful.

I will share a few tips to help you guys with minimal things that can change the look of the house. 


The most important chapter for renovating your house is decluttering. As Marie Kondo said, if something doesn’t spark joy, you don’t need it. This is where you need to start. The more you remove unwanted things off the shelf, the cleaner and neater your house feels. 


All this while, curtains were the least important thing to buy when you shift to a new place but let me tell you something, it’s incredible how good curtains can change the entire décor. Gone were the days when you would select just one shade for your curtains, mix and match with solid and pattern and see the change. 

Bed Linen and Cushion Covers

Fresh new linen is a mood changer. I always have an extra set of cushion covers for that little extra touch to a minimal décor. Embroidered and patterned print cushion covers are a must-have to shuffle around. 

Wall Décor 

The internet is filled with DIY Home Decor Ideas that are easily doable if you don’t want to spend too much on the house. The embroidered hoop wall décor is one the most trending DIY activity for home décor. Mirrors on the wall accentuate an empty canvas and create a beautiful statement wall. 


There is so much to learn about gardening and plants. Plants can make a great backdrop or a décor piece for those corners that need to be hidden or for just those vacant spots. Air purifying indoor plants survive for a long time and don’t require too much maintenance if you are a new plant parent. 

Repaint & Refurbish

Old furniture and cabinets can be repainted with bright colours to match other aspects of the house or the kind of mood you want to have in your décor. For example, I have tried repainting my old cane chair, and it gives a beautiful retro feel to the living space. Furniture paints and varnishes are readily available at any art and craft store at a reasonable cost for a local paint brand. 

Beautifying your home is not a complex and expensive task anymore. There are numerous economical ways to renovate and refurbish your house. You should always decide your budget before you start the process of renovation and strictly stick to it. Look for re-used or pre-loved décor pieces and furniture for your house. The best thing is to DO IT YOURSELF!



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