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The Five Step Guide To Buy Artificial Diamond Jewellery

Do you dream of diamonds? Well, almost all the women around the world do. There is nothing new in it! But, not all these women can afford to wear and flaunt one. However, the desire to do the same is present in all of them, nonetheless. So, what’s the solution? Have you heard about American diamonds? 

These are artificial diamonds produced in labs and are priced much cheaper than the original ones. However, their gleam, shine and ability to blend in any design are much more than the real diamond. That is why you will find many women across the world turning to this option to create artificial diamond jewellery for themselves. And there are many stores where you get them readily available too. But do you know how to pick the best and good quality diamond jewellery? If not, then this post is certainly for you. We have got a step by step guide to help you in this essential task.

  1. Search for the best store selling it – Numerous stores claim that they sell the best artificial diamond jewellery. However, we say, don’t trust all of them. There can be sellers duping you by selling the lowest quality fake diamonds polishing them as American ones. Always inquire in detail about the store you are getting these from and check their website reviews to know if they sell only genuine stuff. You can ask for recommendations from your friends and then consider buying jewellery from that store.
  2. Check for the design – Now, once you are assured that the seller is genuine and only sells authentic American diamond jewellery, you can go for selecting the design of these pieces. There are innumerable options available in this type, and you can even customise them as per your choice. From necklaces to rings, and bracelets in this type look stunning and can match any dressing style. So, you will never be short of choices when it comes to selecting this jewellery for any occasion.
  1. The size matters too –Never ever hurry in purchasing jewellery without checking its size and measurement. If it doesn’t fit you, what is the logic behind investing the money in buying this jewellery? Check for your size and order to customise if it is not available. 
  1. Don’t ignore the 4 Cs – Considering the 4Cs is very crucial when purchasing American or artificial diamond jewellery. These 4 Cs include carat, colour, cut and clarity. The blend of these factors determines the cost of the diamond. And if you have a low budget, you can think of buying the diamond with lesser clarity and minimum carat. 
  1. Remember the grading –The grading certificate is also an essential criterion to consider when finalising the purchase of American diamond jewellery. This certificate speaks about the authenticity of the lab-produced diamond and should have marks like EGL, IGI, USA, etc. 

Now, the next time you go out to buy artificial diamond jewellery, you know the necessary factors to look into! We wish you happy shopping and joyful flaunting of your favourite pieces of ornament!

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