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Stressful! Yes, that’s what comes to my mind when I think of weddings. We understand the amount of pressure that builds up during weddings when you have to make a decision on clothes, shoes for brides and grooms, decorations, venue and other logistics. Planning a wedding is way more than just these, but these are the most important things to start with. If you have already come to a conclusion about what you are going to wear, the next most vital requirements are shoes for the bride and groom. Everyone wants something unique and extravagant for their special day, and why not!

There is a perfect pair of bridal shoes for every outfit you choose for your wedding day. The wedding season is here, and we have  decided to help you by narrowing down some amazing bridal footwear based on the budget and various outfits that brides wear. However, there is no shame in sticking to the basic/vintage pumps. Aren’t they the most comfortable?

Embellished Sandals:

Carrie Bradshaw knows her shoes, and she looked amazing in those single stone embellished shoes on anything that she wore. I think it would make a perfect bridal shoe. They are not just feminine but also super practical. 

Slingback Flats:

If you are someone  who is more comfortable in flats or sneakers, then this is the one for you. It’s elegant and does the job reasonably well. Some lacy designs can also take you to your afterparty without any pain on your heel after all the dancing and greetings.

Glitter Sneakers:

Thankfully, the age-old notion of wearing only feminine sparkly heels is not mandatory, and brides are open to experimenting. Imagine dancing away to glory on your sangeet and walking up the next day with a sore foot. No bride would want that! Hence, you can switch up your stilettos with cool, jazzy kicks  or style them with your outfit to dance away on your amazing sangeet night. 

Pointed Toe Pencil Heels:

This is an option for someone who is looking for something glamourous and exotic on her feet. There are multiple budget-friendly options when it comes to pointed toe pencil heels. You can still choose to wear those pointed toe pencil heels with utmost comfort if you buy the right one.

Satin Pumps:

These satin pumps are not just shouting comfort but is also a classic option for all flat lovers. The best part is that these pair of shoes can also be worn for other occasions. Talk about conscious choice. 

These are a few amazing options you can pick and choose from based on the colour of your outfit. Either head for a contrasting colour or stick to a shade from the outfit. Shoes for brides are easily available online or at stores in the city with various options to choose from. Bridal shoes can make or break your outfit, so choose wisely. The best way to find the right one is to wear it on the outfit and walk in it. Footwear says a lot about the bride, they say! Go quirky and get customised shoes with your partner that will also remind you of your big day. 



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