A Thing Called Fashion

Junk Gypsy !

Jewellery can be this power that can make one little thing look unique. Wearing a strong piece of jewellery makes the person or the outfit look like you are wearing an extra armour.

” Life isn’t perfect but your outfit cane be ! ”

At a mall or any flea market, I run to the jewellery section first. Come what may I always head to the jewellery table first. There is something about them that woos me. And I believe that jewellery is like that perfect spice, it always compliments what’s already there. Agree or disagree ? It always speaks for itself.To tell you the truth I have three bags full of junk jewellery. I have a box of go-to jewellery which I wear most of the time and then I have two boxes of special junk jewellery that comes out during special occasion and festivity. I don’t like expensive jewellery where I would have to spend thousands of rupees on myself but would rather go to a street side hawker or bazaar and spend the least amount for a beautiful neckpiece or an earring. That’s my style. If you wear things you adore, you just look the best!

This post is all about my love for jewellery. I have been a loyal customer of All That is Pretty. It’s an Instagram store and they have an amazing collection. From Jewellery, Bags to clothes everything. I have been in love with their collection since my first purchase and have been wackadoo about it since then. I had written a post last year on my All That is Pretty collection which is titled A Woman Makes Her Outfit with Her Own Accessory. You can click on the link to read it if you haven’t or don’t remember. And here I am with another post featuring All That is Pretty. Head to their Instagram store if you are a junk jewellery lover like me.

In this post, I wanted to spotlight this beautiful neck-piece. You can see how a junk jewellery can make a simple and plain red dress look exotic and party like. Jewellery just makes your life easier. Don’t you think ?

Outfit Details –

Dress – AND

Neck-piece – All That Is Pretty 

Photography – Kslenscapes ( Saikat Das )

16-11-27-10-12-54-478_decoCopy of IMG_9789Copy of IMG_9797Copy of IMG_9798IMG_9801

Cheers 🙂

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