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Aromas of Punjab <3 – Featuring Sheraton Hyderabad

Nothing brings people together than good food! So was this time when Sheraton Hyderabad invited me to taste the Aromas of Punjab at their prestigious hotel. The Sheraton in Hyderabad is placed amidst all the big shot techie crowd, in the financial district of Hyderabad. The place and surroundings are pervaded by international delegates, CEO’s, IT Techies etc. Away from the hustle bustle of local city life, is this different region, totally dissimilar to where I have been living ( the other part of Hyderabad ).

Being a foodie, it’s rather difficult to refuse to opportunities like this. Ofcourse, I accepted to head to Sheraton Hyderabad to have a feast. Punjabi cuisine has been my all time favourite, actually not just mine the majority of people love punjabi cuisine. The dishes itself is so full of life and authentic. One of the most popular cuisine across the country and internationally too. It was a great opportunity for me to savour these magnificent dishes made by one and only Chef Sodhi from Amritsar. These amazing flavours of punjab was put in front of me all the way from Amritsar. Chef Sodhi also mentioned that he made it a point to get all the masalas from Amritsar so that we would have the time of our life and never forget how fine tuned the authentic punjabi dishes are in reality. The senior management and the head chef of Sheraton Hyderabad sat down with us to relish every bit of Chef Sodhi’s speciality.

The entire dining area was decorated and infused like a dhaba. The ambiance was supremely serene. I decided to take my brother along with me to share the feast. We were greeted with their bonafide lassi. It was a great refresher ! Next came the appetizers starting from the chicken tikka, paneer tikka, chicken chap, beetroot cutlet, amritsari fish, seekh kebabs etc. The beetroot tikki was out of the world, I wasn’t a fan of beetroot until I had this one. Out of the world !! The chicken kebab and bhatti da murg was poles apart from what I have had elsewhere and also appetizing. I was lured by all the dishes in the buffet and didn’t know where to start from. Thankfully the team helped me out there !!



Don’t be scandalized. We shared ! It was the punjabi magic minus all the unhealthy oil. Chef Sodhi came to the table to greet and introduce himself. Also got invited to his dhaba in Amritsar that I wouldn’t miss whenever I travel. All the dishes served were in their true form with the rightful masalas. Well Well Well ! It was time for the main course, I was all ready to pounce on whatever came to my table . Couldn’t wait any longer.

Started with basket full of kulchas, my favourite was the chicken kulcha. Delicious !! I could see my brother relishing every bit of the makhan, jaggery and kulcha. They served us chole, aloo methi, fish, chicken curry and sarson da saag – the most delicious ! I had everything without wasting a bit on my plate. The Kulche and the curries were made for each other. I loved how the saag ( leafy based ) tasted, was delectable. From Chole to the Fish Amritsari, I couldn’t say no to anything. Simple dishes made by Chef Sodhi tasted heavenly. Great ingredients make great food – Great Chef makes extraordinary food !

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Last but not least, all’s well that end’s well. There were so many sweet savouries to glee – from rabri, gulab jamun  to brownie and ice creams. But I had the best of the lot !


The Fairytale came to an end 😉

We went around Sheraton to not only digest the amazing lunch that we had but also take a look at their new pan asian restaurant on the 10th floor. The decor is beautiful ! You would have already seen the picture on my instagram handle.



Later, we went back to the bar, waited there till our Uber arrived at The Sheraton. The rest was history.

Do you want to know if we had dinner ? If you do ! Comment down below :p

Thank you Sheraton Hyderabad and the management for this wonderful experience !

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